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Mustard On Apples (Weird Food | Ah Absolute Bestest Of... July - At Up-Tube.com

MUSTARD ON APPLES (WEIRD FOOD AH Absolute Bestest Of... July 4 months ago   14:54

Achievement Hunter
Have you ever dipped fish sticks in apple sauce? Trevor and Jeremy try some interesting food combinations.
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Tara Lane
I love peanutbutter and pickles. I don't prefer the sandwich version just because it seems too dry, but it still tastes good.
Only Arlyn
where was the watermelon and peanut butter
shyguygamer turtle
ketchup mac and cheese chillie and hot dog slices
Popcorn dipped in coke or pepsi is so good
Hot cheetos and Honey mustard. Don't @ me, don't judge me, don't believe me? try it warm
Wendy's chocolate frosty and their nuggets. DIP THE NUGGIES IN THE FROSTY
Kyle Gibson
Peanut Butter and Pancakes! Tried it one day, it's how I eat pancakes now.
Christina Fleming
never personally tried but fam fave is mayo pb sandwich.
I got 3 wired ones, spaghetti and blueberry muffins, mac and cheese with ketchup, and plain lays potato chips with apple sauce.
Lyric Strongeagle
Pb an j with cheese 🤷🏼‍♀️
Kabir Kumar
Basil and ginger tea. As in, boiled together
Kaitlyn Jo Carroll
Peanut butter and pickles is great on toast.
Christopher Allen
I like chicken legs with warm chocolate and a chocolate brownies with ketchup
Ashley Phillips
I would love for y’all to try HEB’s brand of Cottage cheese (small curd) and compare it to Targets brand of cottage cheese (I’ve only ever seen it in small curd) and tell me that targets’ is better..
The first combo I was given to try was with Fritos scoops.
I took it and ran with it... I’ve been eating cottage cheese with a lot of stuff 😅 my favorite so far is on a potato taco with Bill Miller’s breakfast salsa (it is a painful and absolutely delicious salsa)
Also, cottage cheese with peanut butter cups or a Oreo cookie..
Arescles 6
CandyCorn and Regular Monster. The flavors go well together. Get a bit of candy, a bit of monster, chew with the monster still in your mouth.
ilovedogs 2
I had ramen noodels and choclate
sometimes I like to dip my pizza crust in ketchup once I'm finished with my fries
RJ Robertson-DeGraaff
Potato chips and/or fries dipped in apple butter. Mmmmmm
Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches
Dinn Fillon
Also PBJ boigas
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AH Absolute Bestest Of... July MUSTARD ON APPLES (WEIRD FOOD 4 months ago   45:56

The best of July 2018.

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