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Mustard On Apples (Weird Food | Ah Absolute Bestest Of... July - At Up-Tube.com

MUSTARD ON APPLES (WEIRD FOOD AH Absolute Bestest Of... July 2 days ago   14:54

Achievement Hunter
Have you ever dipped fish sticks in apple sauce? Trevor and Jeremy try some interesting food combinations.
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Lala Lalala
Celery and cream cheese. My sister is allergic to peanuts so I couldn't use peanut butter to eat my celery with anymore. Thus I created the celery and cream cheese and I love it as a snack now.
Luke Emberson
I enjoy ketchup on mashed potatoes. As for drink combination, I always enjoyed just mixing every soda at a soda fountain.
Ayla Sowder
Watermelon koolaid and limoncello
MiraJane D
Mix a glass of milk with one or two tablespoons strawberry/raspberry jam. Like a delicious milk drink 🍹
Coke/Pepsi and Orange Juice. Sounds gross but I can vouch, tastes great
Adam Beck
Drink combo ice tea and rootbeer
Adam Beck
Sour cream with strawberries jam on toast is great and for drink combos ice tea and rootbeer
My food is pancakes with peanut butter and hot sauce
Ty Wheeler
Lots of people hate them but I love drinking bloody marys! Not that out of the ordinary, but some places get really creative with them. The best kind are loaded up with shrimp, bacon, jalapenos, and all kinds of different spices. Not to mention the drink itself is tomato juice, worcestershire sauce, and vodka.
Matt B
Lemon juice and apple
Tricky RedCrow
Weirdly enough I eat Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches. My mom used to eat it when she was pregnant with me and I guess I just developed a taste for it.
Drew Spurlock
Peanut butter and mayo sandwich, sounds gross but, strangely tasty.
Tony Lewis
could be too late for suggestions but try a snakebite and black. it's a drink from here in the UK. it's half lager/half cider and some blackcurrant cordial.
Also known as "diesel" or a "purple nasty"
Darrin Abraham
Might be too late, but pickle juice and whisky!
Drake Warehall
Was it Bread and Butter or Dill pickles?
Drake Warehall
There was a kid in my school when I was younger who sucked all the filling out of a Twinkie and filled it back up with Mustard and ate it. He was the weirdest kid.
B Baker
Milk and maple syrup
Keaton Maier
I used to make my protein shakes (vanilla protein) in Arnold Palmer (half/half iced tea & lemonade)
Peanut butter and hotdog
kira casella
I like applesauce on cheese pizza. 😄

Edit:it's good on pepperoni pizza
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AH Absolute Bestest Of... July MUSTARD ON APPLES (WEIRD FOOD 2 days ago   07:52

The best of July 2018.

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