White House stands up to Jim Acosta Sarah Furiously responds to CNN Jim Acosta 10 months ago   07:34

Fox News
CNN reporter's press credentials denied after his latest tense exchange with President Trump.

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Mike T
Acosta is a loser !
House of Mods210
0:17... "here we go" Trump🤫😂
Humble Life
Best president ever!! Acosta and CNN are total, total losers.
Eric Lawrence
Mr. President sir, you were amazingly diplomatic. Perfectly handled.
Kevin Healey
The only person in public office who had absolutly no problem and no fear to stand up against the press, take them on and win.
Albert Smith
This is appalling and makes me sick everytime I see it. But Jim is clown news network golden boy and hopefully he will put cnn out of business.
Love you guys
This reporter is so so rude
Hal Halladay
Jim Acosta should be in jail for his lies and poor reporting !
brian bowes
ocosta the socktucker an ignorant , arrogant no body oust him permanently.
G Howard
Have Press Briefings and stop answering ridiculous questions from biased reporters. GlennFHoward
Creating Negativ News = cnn
Randolph Sloan
I agree 100 %
Walter Taljaard
Looking at Trump's body language he was about to take the mike from Acosta himself.
Gerald Stanley
Jim Acocktas is an over educated liberal. Because of where he was raise and in the Libstupid universe. He was feed on educated bias, no matter what you are smart. I would love to talk to that uneducated superior mind, because I have lived in more foreign countries. Been to most of the countries in Europe, and graduated from a European style high school. Also I have a B.S. and almost two more years of electrical tech. So Acocktas, as we say in the South you can kiss a part of my anatomy where the sun does not shine.
Perry Selph
Acosta is a joke.
elizabeth hestevold
Again Jim Acosta.🇺🇸🇩🇰?????
Joseph Sciberras
Lmao poor wittle Jimmy got scared when Trump started walking his way.
Brian Z
That young lady handled herself so well in the situation.
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Sarah Furiously responds to CNN Jim Acosta White House stands up to Jim Acosta 10 months ago   10:21

Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a fiery exchange with CNN reporter Jim Acosta, on Trump's tweets about the media making mistakes on stories about him. on this press briefing sarah sanders was also asked about trump's accusers asking Trump to Resign 12/11/2017