Shailene Woodley on the best and worst Franchises That Were Sadly 1 year ago   05:15

As if there could ever be a bad thing about being in the same room as those abs. *SWOON*

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Franchises That Were Sadly Shailene Woodley on the best and worst 1 year ago   06:48

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If Hollywood studios can make a franchise out of a property, you can bet it's gonna happen. Some become huge hits, like Fast & Furious and John Wick. But every once in awhile, things just don't work out, and there's no choice but to shut down production and move on — even if the story hasn't reached its conclusion. Here are a few movie franchises that ended before their final chapter...

Eragon | 0:22
Sahara | 1:26
John Carter | 2:17
Percy Jackson | 3:17
I Am Number Four | 4:14
Divergent | 4:58
Ender's Game | 5:53

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