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I'm Stressed & This Is How I Deal With | I'm Stressed At Work | What Can I Do? - At Up-Tube.com

I'M STRESSED & this is how I deal with I'm Stressed at Work | What Can I do? 1 day ago   18:21

Make sure you're in the drivers seat of your life.

Hope you all enjoyed this video of me talking openly & honestly about stress + how to deal with it.

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Nour Merzoug
Theon means god of his own world or god of the world around him or her
Around means a kingdom or a state or a city
In life there is a good theon and a bad theon
In the islamic tradition we have the angel of good and the angel of evil
In other words the angel of good is gonna say this act is forbidden or haram and the angel of evil say why whats the évidences he says that to the angel of good or the theon of good or ahruma azda according To the persian tradition
Jessi Lee
You are are wise:)
Jennifer Scott
You keep me going in so many ways , cried listening .
Ally Novs
Dear Katy,

Thank you for always picking me back up when I really need it. Whether it be after listening to one of your podcast episodes or a video, I always leave feeling so much more motivated and inspired. Thank you.

A fellow creative,
Natalia Fierro
On one hand, I'm shocked she doesn't have more subscribers, but also I like that she has a small band of followers who can enjoy her content and wisdom :-)
a m
you really do help me feel less stressed, and so much more mindful about my life and myself. i’m always able to reconnect when i listen to your videos, so thank you ❤️
There is a quote that resonate with what you said about the universe and the fact that sometimes we can be impatient with it : "the universe doesn't give you what you want, it gives you what you need"
Shades of Blue
Thanks for this video Katy! I really needed it
Jackie Garcia
Hi Katy! I graduated in 2018 as well and moved to New York City two weeks after graduation. I relate to so much of what you describe in your videos and your podcasts. Thank you for your wise words because you don't know how much they help me.
Anja E
damn Katy I'm always so sad when I get to the end of your videos because I could listen to you share your thoughts and revelations for hours. I just sit my laptop on my bed and let your videos play while I clean, cook, etc. and it's like having a friend in the room. Thank you for making me feel less lonely in this world!
McKenna Payne
LOVED this video and was just what I needed! Thank you for all of your inspiration, Katy!
Victoria Tran
I think we've been makerted that if we follow the recipe book, everything we work out by itself. And that future is in our control, and if it's not. Then it entirely our fault because we have so many ressources and choices. That can be spiral of anxiety for many
"obviously we're an egg in some situations and a potato in another". honestly me.
Hannah W
It's been such a rough week for me and nothing seemed to make me feel better, but this video impacted me so much and really changed my perspective!! The way that you word things just perfectly describes the way that I feel. You're such a beautiful and inspiring human being Katy! Don't ever change :)
Madison Elyse
i'm still at the beginning of the video but it really comforted me saying you have time to read after college lol i miss it so much
Gabriella Perrino
Thank you for this and for the many times you open up to us. Your words really do have a soothing effect on my mind, so thank you for speaking from your heart! Have a great day xxx
OKAY BUT where is that cozy sweater from ??? Beautifully inspiring video my dear
Joanna Rose
Loved everything about this.
Michaela Thompson
Katy! You MUST READ ‘You are a badass’. You will love it, and the lessons of the universe included. Xo! Have a good day everyone!
Jasmine Leyla
This made me so emotional, but I love it !!! After the day I had today everything you just said truly resonated. We all need reminders like these ❤️❤️ Definitely made me feel less crazy lol
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I'm Stressed at Work | What Can I do? I'M STRESSED & this is how I deal with 1 day ago   01:26

What is stress at work? How can my employer support me? Can I take legal action against my employer?

Remziye Ozcan, a specialist employment solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers, explains the causes of work-related stress and what steps your employer can take to support you.

For confidential legal advice from a specialist employment solicitor, call Slater and Gordon Lawyers today on 0808 175 7783, or contact us online at https://www.slatergordon.co.uk/contact-us/

Work-related stress is often defined as an adversary action to excessive demands or pressers at work. It can also arise from bullying, harassment, poor treatment or poor working conditions.
Employers have a legal obligation to take care of their employee’s health. An employer mishandling a mental health concern might find itself in breach of the implied term of mutual trust and confidence.
This may also lead to potential personal injury claim as a result of negligence or the employer's failure to provide a safe place of work.
Work-related stress or a mental health illness can sometimes amount to a disability under the equality act. In certain circumstances employers, therefore, might have a duty to make reasonable adjustments, so that could include things like moving an employee away from a stressful situation or to work with new colleagues or it could be reducing workload.
The most important thing is to tell someone an employer should react sensitively you should also check if you’re employer has specific policies in place relating to work-related stress or mental health at work. Those processes and procedures will guide you as to what you should be doing and what your employer should be doing to support you