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"service With A Smile" - Trevor | Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry - At Up-Tube.com

"Service With A Smile" - Trevor Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry 2 days ago   02:59

Trevor Noah
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(***This video is a re-release on youtube with a few enhancements made to the previous upload***)

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#TrevorNoah #ServiceWithASmile #ItsMyCulture #Standup

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Trevor Noah
Re-Release with a few enhancements. Everyone loves enhancements. Now go & enhance the way you hear about my upcoming uploads by subscribing & turning on notifications!
boris brian
I'll draw it tomorrow
I fell of my couch xD 😂🤣🤣
Shirley-lee Bell
Trevor Noah is the legend of comedians!!! Mad love for this guy!!!! We miss you here in SA ❤
cam cam
Is there anything you dont make fun of !!!!!!!!! Lol live your humor !
İrfan Khan
Doot doot doot, it makes me feel like I'm on ventilator in a hospital.
Alru Muller
Best thing is when you buy half a trolley load of things, and when you pay, they ask if you want bags.
Mokhahle Thabo
😂😂😂I think the lady at 1:24 works at Checkers...
Jacob Okoro
Bar-code not working is really annoying sometimes.
Jacob Okoro
Bar-code not working is really annoying sometimes.
langui pamei
Trevor I love you😀
Kpop X Anime High
Can someone tell me how to unLove a person? I'm falling and there's no end of it >.
Leah K.
The checkers in Kurdistan MUST be smiling even if they have a bad day. It is like a law. Which is sad. If the cashier is frowning they might get fired.
Shingi Tome
So true!!! We have to brace ourselves when going to the till!! 😂😂😂❤❤
K Young
Finally someone is calling out how stupid today's eyebrow fashion is.
Harneet Paras
Clean jokes clean comedy clean words clean language .!!! I put it for sleep .! Hes nmbr one .!!
Petite monde
I thought these scenario only happens in the philippines. Like cashiers are always not in a good mood that you’ll get intimidated everytime you get in the line
Elrico Draai
I'll draw it tomorrow 😂😁
Caffeinated Nation
"They look at you like you kill baby pandas for a living" 😂😂😂
miss Kozak
I feel it
Mahmoud Mowafy
Cashiers are the lowest income in the market
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Kevin Hart Shows Off His Jerry "Service With A Smile" - Trevor 2 days ago   04:24

Kevin Hart tells the story of how he came to own an unused brick pizza oven, in the process revealing a solid Jerry Seinfeld impression, and chats about his first HartBeat Productions film, Night School.

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