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"service With A Smile" - Trevor | - At Up-Tube.com

"Service With A Smile" - Trevor 2 days ago   02:59

Trevor Noah
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(***This video is a re-release on youtube with a few enhancements made to the previous upload***)

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Comments 324 Comments

Trevor Noah
Re-Release with a few enhancements. Everyone loves enhancements. Now go & enhance the way you hear about my upcoming uploads by subscribing & turning on notifications!
Child OfGod
jona furukawa
1:45 looks kinda like comeathazine
The eyebrow humor 👏👏
You are the best comedian I know in USA
Akinlalu Abraham
My friend wife sent him out of his house I dnt knw y nd I didn't give a fuck d thing is he came 2 my house he called me nd I said ok it cool he came with no luggage all he told me was she said go in an pick ur stuffs nd get out nd he went picked his tooth brush nd left im like so wat are u going 2 eat u aren't coming 2 my place 2 eat all my food she told u 2 go in an pick all ur stuffs, if its me im going 2 d kitchen im packing everything all d foods im packing even d dog 🐩 food I packed it den I leave. I can do without brushing I cant do without food. #comedyhustle #OneLove #ThankGod Will love too work with you sir
Eric bongco Cua
Go go go Trevor Noah...!!! From Philippines!!!
Reuben Soobramoney
Hi trevor I'm new
Everywhere in Africa, it's the same. No customer service at all. Be it Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania.. Worst customer service, worst employees... WTF
Federica Rigieri
I'm dead!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
R.S love
'You dont look happy'
'I just cant show it, i will draw it tomorrow' I laughed my bazookas out 😂
Not the Doctor
Ad a make up lover and a Chile of the nineties i never knew how girls had the balls to shave off their entire eyebrow and draw it. What if it's squiggly?
robot ghost fox
with that thumbnail I was expecting him to go super ballistic pissed all yelling and screaming
Fish and Eggs

Absolutely nobody:

Emilio Eichinger
Okay YouTube....I watched it.
Basically working as a cashier is like getting YouTube comments shoved in your face all day long, while also being paid like shit and you have to work all day. Really can't imagine why a cashier would be unhappy.
Hebrew Sistah
Why would you shave your eyebrows off and draw them back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT TREVOR RIGHT!!!!!!!!
Teupola Leba
I cannot stop watching this. Hilarious!

I watched Trevor Noah show when I have a bad day. Just to make me forget what happens.

Laughing Therapy!
N. D.B.
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"Service With A Smile" - Trevor 2 days ago   04:26

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