SEAFOOD BOIL HOT POT MUKBANG + IN THE CLUB Popeyes Vs Jolibee FRIED CHICKEN 8 months ago   29:13

Tae AND Lou
Y'all know HOT POT is a regular fixture in our household so please join us for this delicious meal of hot pot soup (spicy and mild), bok choy, noodles, corn, shrimp, blue crab, fresh flounder filet, hams, lamb, beef and MORE.

We also share our recent experience in THESE CLUBS cuz GIRL!

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Tae AND Lou
Do you enjoy the club scene or is it a hard pass for you?
Ana Rizvi
I love lou but her white hot pot sauce was looking nasty
Axel Troy Punay Mislang
I realy really realy loves tae sauce.... Im kinda craving it.. Tho
Quiana Gray
I'm mad as hell they don't have a hot pot restaurant in Killeen,TX!
Cassandra Norman
Hello, what are the other ingredients that are floating around in your broth? The stuff that you aren't eating? Everything looks good and I'm getting the one with the grill to hot pot with my sister and daughter. I can't wait but, I have to have a gang of fresh garlic in there.
Jeremiah Harrison
Toni Marie
Me and my step sister experience this every time lmao, we both love to dance and dance well but we don’t like to put our asses on folks😂
Esaesa Y
Ugly a
Wei Jiang
Hi Tae and Lou, I am so happy that you like Hotpot, i would highly suggest you travel to Chongqing, China, THE PLACE HAS THE BEST HOTPOT IN THE WORLD. You will have the amazing hotpot ever. ☺️
My ocd goes off everytime lou puts cooked food on the trey with raw food 😓
Alaa Al Amir
15:15 when tae started rapping😮
Journey Johnson
I have literally watched this video a 100 times...and Lou you can't get any better looking.Tae don't let anyone discourage you. GOD BLESS Nai Nai, Tae, and Lou...😘💖I hope you guys do well during your YouTube career and anything else.
J Salceiro
Is Lou Haitian or Jamaican ¿
Celeni Jimenez
My crush is mad at me for calling him stupid. But it was a joke. He is a ♎and I side sorry so many times. How do I reassure him that he can trust me and that I'm not going to make that mistake.
Javon Boldin
I'm like that also!!! Nothing personal but I got this by myself. I came out to have MY good time not yours. Sorry not Sorry.
Princess Brown
Boring jersey folk Brooklyn where it’s at Long Island has a lot of pride stuff
Also, where do you get your hotpot sauce? Can you order it online? I’m planning to buy a hotpot & day a feast like this for my birthday this month!
Sooooo, y’all have inspired me to purchase a hotpot! What brand do you recommend? Wheee do you get yours? It seems like you have multiple.. how much did you spend?
Serina Zapata
I feel that I go out and I dance with either my best friend or by myself I don't dance with men either guys ask me to dance and I always say no the type to go out cause I wanna dance and get tipsy and come home to my babies I ain't looking for nun at the club lol ppl are crazy though to treat y'all like that like have some respect for a couple no matter if it's same sex or opposite
Александра Незнанская
Hay, there are one thing which I want to say.. maybe you don't know or society just close eyes not too realise that a lot of people from Asia almost, are made by somebody to do mukbangs. Just so those people who are making them doing can have some money from internet accounts. I'm not telling you about people who work and do normal things and it's their hobby. There is dark side. There are little girls who are starving for weeks an then getting some not eatble stuff like unicorn cakes from sugar and ice, and ship brains and blood, and whatever it is. And they put them in front of camera, recording they're eating Just look in some of those eyes. They are more hungry as you I mean. People are never SO Hungry. There are usually curteins behind. And this girls are extremely tiny and very young. They never talk to subscribers. There are billions of those videos in Instagram. Just so you know,❤️
Love you girl s❤️
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