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Seafood Boil Hot Pot Mukbang + In The Club | Popeyes Vs Jolibee Fried Chicken - At Up-Tube.com

SEAFOOD BOIL HOT POT MUKBANG + IN THE CLUB Popeyes Vs Jolibee FRIED CHICKEN 3 months ago   29:13

Tae AND Lou
Y'all know HOT POT is a regular fixture in our household so please join us for this delicious meal of hot pot soup (spicy and mild), bok choy, noodles, corn, shrimp, blue crab, fresh flounder filet, hams, lamb, beef and MORE.

We also share our recent experience in THESE CLUBS cuz GIRL!

VLOG CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/user/brklynbreed
Tae AND Lou's IG: https://www.instagram.com/taeandlou/
Tae's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brklynbreed/
Lou's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ellemachele/
Business inquiries: twosidesonescale@yahoo.com

Comments 617 Comments

Tae AND Lou
Do you enjoy the club scene or is it a hard pass for you?
Briasia Mccants
I don't like girls like not like in a relationship I mean this as in I don't like being friends with a lot of girls because most girls I meet are thots or hoes or just really nasty freaky people I think from what I've seen of boys also but more so girls boys it's only like I quarter but I think being with gay people at the club if ur a like I'm a girl I go to the club with my friend he's a boy he's gay it's more fun because there not trying to touch you or love on you it's more friendly you could say
Tie Tie
I’m heterosexual woman and very approachable I feel but I don’t like to dance on anyone I love to dance by myself I rap the lyrics and twerk but I will stop dancing if someone tried to dance on me so I feel where y’all coming from
Faye MCculloigh
I love these guys they make me feel like love is not lost at my age
Deneshia Stephens
Tae n lou make me wanna try new food everuthing they eat looks so good!
MJ Baldwin
lilly is how you say it and that is me i was excited to meet you
Lesben bitches
Lessen bitches
Sha Babies
Shit that club idea is not bad
i like potato kittys
i feel like if you say you don’t support lgbt community , you’d be called homophobic even if you don’t have a problem with it and not support it.. i think other people force people that don’t support to support, (if that makes sense.)
Nahria Clark
I luv when y'all do hot pot
i love lou and tae sm y’all give me such good vibes very relaxing, fav youtubers😊
Michelle Neely
can y’all stop talking less and eat y’all food . 🤣
Rebelmama Sassy
Wait did you really just say find me a club with just all black people you never came off racist to me til just now I have watched almost all your videos never ever would I have thought that about you just wow 😢
randi a
What kind of broth do you guys get ? Ive been dying to try hot pot so I've begged my boyfriend to take me for our anniversary but im not sure what broth to get. And when you go do they provide you with dipping sauce or just the broth ?
Seem's like ya'll like Asian food A LOT
Kayla Rodriguez
OMG YES i felt that club story. went to virginia on vacation with my boyfriend BOTH NIGHTS once i walked anywhere alone somewhere a random man tried to grab my ass. Then when turned around and was like yo wtf?? they would act like they didnt do anything...
Ashley Robles
Tae, girl, show us the hot pot dipping sauce recipe 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Kaley Ivey
Y’all should put eggs in the hot pot
Atavia Banks
I'm up at 3am and I am in love with this channel I laugh non stop!!!! Yall are dope.
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Popeyes Vs Jolibee FRIED CHICKEN SEAFOOD BOIL HOT POT MUKBANG + IN THE CLUB 3 months ago   17:26




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