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Life Before The Flying Circus | Monty Python - Adventures Of Martin - At Up-Tube.com

Life before the Flying Circus Monty Python - Adventures of Martin 2 days ago   55:34

Monty Python the Flying Circus
Documentary discovering what life was like before the Flying Circus

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Monty Python the Flying Circus
I can’t see why 124 people don’t like this documentary, it’s just 124 people that would not know a good joke if It walked up and smacked them in the face
dip dip potato chip
I've listened to both john cleese and eric idles biographies. highly recommend them. :)
Aprakata Composer
My artichokes have never.
Thomas Himmelsbach
The end credits do not include Graham Chapman?
David Frost will always be Timmy Williams to me.
gregory chanin
Adam Powell
Interesting to see how the Bonzos had such an impact on Python
John M
Well constructed documentary. Monty Python was obviously the apogee of these entertainers' careers and their contribution to broadcasting and comedy, but one tends to forget their preceding efforts on TV in which their humour was developed - the seeds were were very well grown indeed before being potted on in Monty Python. This documentary detailed all this development very well indeed.
Elpis Liossatos
To answer your question Monty, because they have a problem dislodging their finger.....🙃
Martin J
That was brilliant. Thanks.
This was a fantastic documentary :)
Derek Williams
Love this! My late teens and early twenties. It became part of our vernacular.
Mhathue Saint Juan
Thumbs down for a commercial I could not skip
Michael Palin masks with amiability hard Left sympathies; he still regards Communism as benign in essence I would venture.
Educated but young and naive; naive about Communism in particular; cod philosophy too, misfiring often although sometimes very funny.
John Cleese starts citing his early writing, and suddenly I stop understanding english for a next 12 seconds or so...
ImNotMad ButUR
Thanks to these guys I was never afraid to do things like, stealthily move into the mannequins and pose until I got outed.

I sold more clothes in the sixties . . .
frank rusk
so very glad..really I'm so glad that they gave props to the bonzo's and the dog doh dah band..just saying
I was a bit disappointed they glossed over "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again", a radio series which John Clease performed in for over 100 episodes. from 1964-1973 He occasionally wrote for the show too. The cast and main writers for the show were; Tim Brooke-Taylor, John Clease, David Hatch, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and Jo Kendall, the only female of the group, who the doco ignores entirely. The pilot show in 1963 was called "Cambridge Circus".
Get past the weird intro and it's worth watching, thanks for the upload!
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Monty Python - Adventures of Martin Life before the Flying Circus 2 days ago   03:54

The deleted bit from Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life.

My personal favorite.