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Proof Tai Lopez Does Not Actually | The Purpose : Tai Lopez Best Motivational - At Up-Tube.com

Proof Tai Lopez DOES NOT ACTUALLY THE PURPOSE : Tai Lopez BEST Motivational 8 months ago   04:47

Derek Van Schaik
I expose the fact that Tai Lopez doesn't actually read a book a day and why his way of “reading” is really bad advice for everyone. Find out in this video.

0:18 I’m sure you’ve all seen Tai Lopez in advertisements on YouTube saying this "Here in my garage" with his new Lamborghini or "Here in my backyard" stand in the back of his Hollywood Hills mansion. Yes, that annoying “Here in my garage” guy. And what did he make himself famous for? Telling everyone that he reads a book a day, including during his Tedx talk, but wait until you see for yourself exactly how he actually “reads” a book and why it’s really bad advice for everyone to also “read” like that.

0:46 We’re going to go through a video Tai Lopez made a while ago where he explains how he reads a book a day; this video was apparently removed from his channel, but the video has been circulating the internet for a while, which I think Tai Lopez tries to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Sorry Tai, it does exist and now it's time for others to know the truth.

2:57 Here’s the deal guys and gals, the real benefit of reading is when you immerse yourself in the book going from understanding to absorbing to reflecting. Attempting to just find the main idea in the book in 10 minutes won’t allow you to understand the content fully, you definitely won’t be able to absorb it, and you certainly won’t be able to reflect on it because within a very short amount of time whatever you think you may have learned in 10 minutes will be almost completely gone and out of your memory. The amazing thing about reading is how you can spend so much time in someone else’s lens that you understand their perspective fully, then that information is able to be absorbed in your brain, and throughout your life you can keep applying that message.

3:41 The way Tai Lopez “reads” a book is pretty much a waste of time. Actually reading 1 book a week is a good goal for most people to have.

3:50 A lot of people think he's a scammer, a fraud, or a liar, but I don’t think Tai Lopez is actually a scammer or a fraud, although I’ll admit that I don’t know anything about his “get rich” products he sells online, including his social media marketing, real estate, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, or mentorbox programs. Nevertheless, it’s really funny how he brags about “reading” a book a day, but in reality he’s mostly just looking at the book's cover and table of contents, and then flipping through the pages for 10 minutes while he’s eating breakfast.

4:10 Now, in the comments section below, let me know what you think of Tai Lopez, do you think he’s a scammer, do you think he’s a fraud?

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4:24 SURPRISE Tai Lopez encore in his garage with his brand new Lamborghini

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Comments 25 Comments

Shadow tsukiyomi the green and black bunny
tai lopez is a fraud
โชค ดี
MENTORBOX is a scam! This guy López is a liar!
So actually he looks at one book a day, and "believes" that constitutes reading and comprehension. That is just sad.
Joy Villa
What a total scam artist. Why would he lie about this, then show us the truth behind it? Just say "I roughly flip through a book a day" LOL
He’s not a scammer, he’s just dumb 😜
You READ a book in it's entirety-which clearly he is not-I'm a speed reader and I can tell you-he's giving BAD advice!
Our book club reads 1 book per 2 weeks. The book is from 8-17 hours long. We are able to finish a 6hr book in one week. Audio only different speeds if needed. Tai has not authenticity or value🙄
David Ev
Hahaaa. That little wiener is too funny and yes he is a scammer
shannon roy
He’s a faker, full of it, he’s a big fat scammer we all know it it’s obvious no need to defend the scum bag
Trick gum Nerney
Having a book discussion with him and all his knowledge based on title and author
Austria Germany
tai waxes his carrot to much goon and creep
Ezra Brewer
Tai Lopez does not read a book a day unless it's Dr. Seuss. I read more than anyone I know, and in order to integrate the knowledge you are reading into your own mind, you have to actually READ the book. Go ahead and speed read if you want to brag about finishing a book, but if you want to be intellectually superior, then READ the mother fucker. Tai Lopez is a fluke and probably has a 160 IQ just like every other person who has yet to see a Mensa exam.
Mohammad Sibtain Ali Raza Qadri
It's just having a look at book not reading.
HereIsWisdom 1318
I think reading a book a week is a GREAT goal; more like 1 book a month is a good goal (and even that is a lot).
Not a fraud
I believe he is refferign to the huzzle. Not to get a story.
Really dude. You are clearly talking about two different things:
You are talking about Harry Thotter
Lopez is talking about life improvement.

I have to admit his method might not be as efficient as wanted, however I have not seen his video so I do not know if he also discusses other methods to use silmustaniusly. If that's the case, and you use it for its intended purpose, then this might be real good advice.
Arthur Salas
Did he really say his balcony in Hollywood with that loud echo and no city atmosphere sounds
Holy Saint Of Allah
Take that pic of you out, no one wants to see your ugly face there rofl
Greg Gory
Hahaha what an idiot
Man explains how smart he is and how he reads a book a day:
"I wook @ D pikchurs"
There you have it, folks. Amazing.
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THE PURPOSE : Tai Lopez BEST Motivational Proof Tai Lopez DOES NOT ACTUALLY 8 months ago   06:23

What is the purpose of your life ? Tai Lopez ASTONISHING MOTIVATION SPEECH

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