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Derek Van Schaik
I expose the fact that Tai Lopez doesn't actually read a book a day and why his way of “reading” is really bad advice for everyone. Find out in this video.

0:18 I’m sure you’ve all seen Tai Lopez in advertisements on YouTube saying this "Here in my garage" with his new Lamborghini or "Here in my backyard" stand in the back of his Hollywood Hills mansion. Yes, that annoying “Here in my garage” guy. And what did he make himself famous for? Telling everyone that he reads a book a day, including during his Tedx talk, but wait until you see for yourself exactly how he actually “reads” a book and why it’s really bad advice for everyone to also “read” like that.

0:46 We’re going to go through a video Tai Lopez made a while ago where he explains how he reads a book a day; this video was apparently removed from his channel, but the video has been circulating the internet for a while, which I think Tai Lopez tries to pretend that it doesn’t exist. Sorry Tai, it does exist and now it's time for others to know the truth.

2:57 Here’s the deal guys and gals, the real benefit of reading is when you immerse yourself in the book going from understanding to absorbing to reflecting. Attempting to just find the main idea in the book in 10 minutes won’t allow you to understand the content fully, you definitely won’t be able to absorb it, and you certainly won’t be able to reflect on it because within a very short amount of time whatever you think you may have learned in 10 minutes will be almost completely gone and out of your memory. The amazing thing about reading is how you can spend so much time in someone else’s lens that you understand their perspective fully, then that information is able to be absorbed in your brain, and throughout your life you can keep applying that message.

3:41 The way Tai Lopez “reads” a book is pretty much a waste of time. Actually reading 1 book a week is a good goal for most people to have.

3:50 A lot of people think he's a scammer, a fraud, or a liar, but I don’t think Tai Lopez is actually a scammer or a fraud, although I’ll admit that I don’t know anything about his “get rich” products he sells online, including his social media marketing, real estate, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, or mentorbox programs. Nevertheless, it’s really funny how he brags about “reading” a book a day, but in reality he’s mostly just looking at the book's cover and table of contents, and then flipping through the pages for 10 minutes while he’s eating breakfast.

4:10 Now, in the comments section below, let me know what you think of Tai Lopez, do you think he’s a scammer, do you think he’s a fraud?

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4:24 SURPRISE Tai Lopez encore in his garage with his brand new Lamborghini

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I'll be surpized if he can read....Reading isn't just about gaining information, its about thinking and savouring the enjoying...........This guy has no understanding of what reading is....
Fight Club Hamster
Slowly reading a ten minutes, this dude is an idiot
Alexander S
If that's his definition of reading, I wonder what his definition of "knowledge" is?
Roberto González
I think the video is stupid. You have no arguments to rely on . Tai is showing you a way to understand comprehend and learn from a book in a shorter way to gain the most out of it which if you look to actual science or data about what he is saying you will see that he is actually based on reliable arguments . So better know what you talk about before you open your big mouth
Ambi Cahira
Even if a person was reading a book a day you would run out of your favorite genre options decently fast and quickly you wouldn't be able to fund the books since you wouldn't read the whole thing in a library every day. You also wouldn't have time for responsibilities either.
germes 11
triggered english teacher that doesnt understand that you can get the main idea of books from the table of contents instead of wasting time to read every single detail which only helps you be more creative. btw your just some guy on youtube with merely 350k subscribers, whereas he's a millionaire, so i think i'll ill listen to him buddy.
He is a scammer
Just read the summary... It's like listening to a cd by reading the song list at the back :)
He'd do better listening to audiobooks cover to cover at 3x the speed . . . . .
Majestic Dre
Tai Lopez always gives me scammy vibes
Jesse Langel
I love Tai. Yeah, you have some good points against him. But he has enough content and persuasion for him to be credible and valuable.
I read ten books in a second.
I wouldn't really call it "exposing" as he clearly explains how he "reads a book a day". It is misleading when he says it though.
Clint Huff
So basically In a way he reading a paragraph synopsis of the books vs someone that read the 200+page book.
That like looking at a cook book and trying to make the dish based off the picture
xee doll
YouTube can make anyone famous. It only makes them look like such LOSERS 😞. POOR THING.
How do you think it made us “A book a month” people feel?!
Lemon Sqeez
Ur just jealous that he has more money. Also he’s an ENFP so he get’s more knawledge from the summary than you could from reading the whole book.
Emily Attyah
More like one book a week
Nick Ohner
i can see why there’s multi millionaires like Tai and then this guy... a pleb who makes youtube videos with most likely no self discipline and no actual knowledge of life/investing.. lmao grow up who cares
Job Papo
I think you make videos about things you know nothing about just for popularity
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