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Living In Korea - Do's And Don'ts | Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In Uk - At Up-Tube.com

Living in Korea - Do's and Don'ts Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In UK 1 day ago   02:57

15. I'm kinda all over the place with this title.. but HEY here are some unspoken rules/do’s/don’ts. You’re obviously allowed to do whatever you wanna do in and with yo lifeee (I am not here to tell you what to do and not to do lol) buuuut doing/not doing some of these things may lead to more stares/raised eyebrows

1) CROP TOPS - you don't see many girls rocking crop tops (excluding foreigners and girls dressed up for nights out)


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Your mom
You don’t tip because they know they did a good job 👍🏻
Fantasy Bee
I’m hoping to go to a korean college so just want to be ready
Zariah Anderson
When i'm older i'd like to go to Korea and possibly live there, but at the same time i'm afraid of coming off across as a Koreaboo because I know people throw that around a lot and like to call people it even if lets say, they like Korean music, or go to Korea, or enjoy eating Korean food, or start learning the language, i'm not a koreaboo but i'm afraid of being called one, would people consider an American living in Korea a koreaboo thing?
**adds to my guide of Korea**
I love how quick your videos are and you get straight to it! Loved this video!!!
Aaron Frank
Hiyaa just watched this. Im flying to korea tomorrow and staying for 2 weeks to learn a bit korean. Maybe we could meet up sometime? Im in gangnam
Spazzing Falcon
I’m going to guess that you are in South Korea
Arnez Washington
It's great seeing your explore the world. Enjoy! However, if by chance the teaching thing doesn't work, you might want to consider comedy. You have a very good sense of humor.
Nicola Barnard
Woah holy cow I'm SO glad I came across this video. I'm going to Korea this month and I had a whole bunch of tank tops I was going to bring!!
Hannah Demisse
hey! is it socially acceptable to wear sleeveless shirts?
Thank you for your videos! ^^ I've recently come across them. I studied abroad in Korea a few years ago and have been looking into teaching there. When you mentioned 'don't be that loud foreigner' I couldn't help but crack up because it brings back memories, even though that was something that embarrassed me, seeing the loud foreigners giving the respectful ones a bad name. "Don't be that foreigner!"

I don't have anything else to add, but I also remember shoulders being taboo, but your entire leg up until your buttcheeks was a-okay. lol Alright Korea. I also don't do well with heat, but I was lucky I arrived right at the end of summer and left right at the beginning, so I didn't have to deal with the worst, but I remember wearing conservative clothing (in the sense of covering my shoulders and my legs) and just dyiiing because it was so hot and humid and that wasn't even peak monsoon/humid season!
abood smith
hey ???? would it be a good step to move to korea do ye think ??
I think a lot of Asian countries don’t like customizing orders
Deepak Garg Deepak Garg
Are you in Incheon in December 11 actually I am coming in Incheon for training or business meeting so I would be glad to meet with you?
Andre the A&P
So they'll show cheeks but no cleavage, hhmmm... hahaha, its the same in most Asia
Watched alot of your videos!! They are dope👍🏽
Fatima Alemu
Welp... i now know what not to when i move to Korea next month. And no tank tops? wow guess im buying a whole new wardrobe then lool
cynthia Bahati
Love your vids keep it up
Samuel Leos
How do you deal with loneliness? Do you have expat friends or have you made Korean friends? Great content btw 😎
no tipping???? #savings 💸
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Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In UK Living in Korea - Do's and Don'ts 1 day ago   06:35

Top 10 Things You Should Never Do In UK | United Kingdom

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Let’s start by saying that in no way are we trying to scare you away from visiting the UK! But if you are a tourist or an international student in the UK then won’t it be better to know a few things that could offend people there? We mean, you don’t want to hurt anyone with your actions or words, let alone get into trouble in a foreign land! People would understand that you may take a while to adjust to the new surroundings and customs but if you want to save yourself from embarrassing situations as a newcomer in the UK, we have compiled a list of things that you should avoid doing there!

Number 1. Call the United Kingdom “England”
Number 2. Ask if they know the Queen
Number 3. Block the escalator
Number 4. Jump a queue
Number 5. Pick up a rented car
Number 6. Talk about money
Number 7. Greet inappropriately
Number 8. Fake their accent
Number 9. Voice opinions about Brexit
Number 10. Mess with the Queen’s Guard

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How was your experience in the UK? Tell us in the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel if you liked this video. And while you're here, check out our other videos and tell us what you think of them. You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for watching.

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