The Progression of a Ski Racer from Age 2 - 16 / MY STORY Masters Racer Training @ Levi 1 year ago   12:45

Being a parent and a coach is not always so easy. My strategy was to let Chris ski and have fun. He dropped out of ski racing at age 7 after showing some good talent. But he kept on skiing and played around in the park and on snow blades.

After meeting Tina Maze, Marcel Hirscher and Ted Ligety at the Levi WC in 2014 he got super inspired and motivated to ski like them. He started to assist ski instructors in the local ski school and worked on his OLF retraction turns whenever he could. He quickly developed into a very strong all mountain skier.

Then suddenly at the age of 15 he got interested in ski racing again and the following year he got proper skis, boots and a speed suit. Rock'n'Roll! Went from the average Joe to great in one instance. He is easy to coach as he does what you tell him to. He is also super motivated and spends much of his spare time studying racing technique, mostly here on YouTube. Out on snow he does drills all day long. Check out the 14 Essential Drills For Ski Racers as a reference.

Be patient. That is all I can say as a parent and a coach. Let the kids have fun and they will surprise you!


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Fin Pythoness kid
I tried skiing on one ski the other day I thought “ if Boadey Miller can carve with one ski on then I can ( I didn’t think I was that stubborn) as you can tell it didn’t end as I planed
Love the off-piste footage.
Clayton Malott
cool vid. you might wanna try keeping your inside hand a little further forward on your left hand turns.
looĸ мoм ι cαɴ ғly
Alex Davies
What’s your name I don’t remember you from jr
Andri Elefsen
i love this guy he has the same atomic skis that i have redster s9 and the gs
Shralp Squad
Learn to carve properly because you are all on your indide ski
sass Luik
I live in Estonia and here isnt any mountains, the biggest one is like 600 m high and thats it. I would be very happy if i could in finland, somewhere at Levi or something. Very bad happend like 3 months ago i broke my tibia and spatula at Pyhä and now im healing and trying to get on skis as fast as possible. Here is my skiing at Pyhä, i won the Super G competition and i was 13 years old
Giacomo Gerosa
Sei imbarazzante a sciare che cazzo fai il figo
Lev The Skier
People may be saying how u r doing this and that wrong and you definitely have things to work on (we all do) but that’s pretty good skiing. Out of curiosity what club are you with?
Edward Fagerström
Unnur Sólveig
You were better than me when you were 5 lol
Robin Liljeqvist
So u are from Finland, i am also from Finland
King BG Gaming
You aren't the best skier, but great video anyways(like from me)
Sam Kinnaird-Barr
That’s a big 6yr old🥴🥴
Niccolo Bianchi
I'm better than you and I'm 14
Niccolo Bianchi
you are so bad. Come to Val Gardena ski club and you will learn how to properly ski.
Edward Fagerström
You tried out your first GS skis at 15???!!!! Man you missed out on a lot.
Be the best bro~
Stuart Coles
At 16 i have got 193 gs skis
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Masters Racer Training @ Levi The Progression of a Ski Racer from Age 2 - 16 / MY STORY 1 year ago   04:52

First time on snow this season. November 2017. Late start but quality counts. Stunning good WC conditions at Levi Black but it was closed due FIS races. Good, because that forced us to train technique at a very moderate pitched slope.
20171120 Levi TDK 001