Eva Green Describes Her Circus Training Eva Green on Dumbo, Tim Burton and outsiders 2 days ago   12:22

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Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and Danny DeVito talk about becoming circus performers, learning that being unique is a blessing, and share memories they will never forget shooting the Tim Burton adaptation of the Disney classic, 'Dumbo'!

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Aleksandra Todorovic
Eva is so beautiful😍😍
al capone
To me she is the greatest actress,.
Jorge Navarro
She should be yennefer from witcher series on netflix 😢😢😢
Zed Isdead
Danny is so handsome
Scarlett Brescia
I love how shy and introverted Eva is, like you don’t have to be this loud look at me person in Hollywood for people to appreciate your art. Love you Eva!
I love how open she's about going to therapy 💕
Isabelle Marie
4:41 🎼DaNnY dEvItO🎼
athanatos 22
Eva for me is the female Johnny Depp. His demeanor and personality are similar imo.
Breathe Fitness TV
A good interviewer let's the people they are interviewing talk. This one definitely isn't good at interviewing
Eva is very elegant and sincere. A true beauty. 💐✨
Ravê _Oliveira
*Every time i see Eva I doubt if I’m actually straight*
X-Herlo Her
Netflix should have cast Eva Green for Yen!
Look at how cute Dumbo is in the background! Disney is so advanced even in the small dull background.
i love Eva Green 😍
and this interviewer was great
Patrick Hogan
Joe Bailey
If Eva Green looked directly at me irl, I think I'd actually die
Nicky Sydor
Eva is fucking stunning as always! One of my favorite Actresses 👯
Aditya shrivastava
she is pretty ok
Eve is nearly 40 years old .. lives on a diet of cigarettes and strong coffee.
Still utterly drop dead gorgeous! Damn.
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Eva Green on Dumbo, Tim Burton and outsiders Eva Green Describes Her Circus Training 2 days ago   01:38

Eva Green on Dumbo, Tim Burton and outsiders celebration at London premiere

Interviewer: Sarah Bradbury (@sarabradbury)
Video: Marta Starczynowska
Editor: Filippo L'Astorina

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