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Eva Green Describes Her Circus Training | Everything Wrong With Ralph - At Up-Tube.com

Eva Green Describes Her Circus Training Everything Wrong With Ralph 1 day ago   12:22

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Colin Farrell, Eva Green, and Danny DeVito talk about becoming circus performers, learning that being unique is a blessing, and share memories they will never forget shooting the Tim Burton adaptation of the Disney classic, 'Dumbo'!

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Comments 188 Comments

algiery boy
I love Eva green
julp g
DAMn could she stop talking over Danny? I liked how he kept talking over her regardless 😂
Danny devito is so beautiful! Oh and eva green is ok i guess
HelenofTroy DeGhent
Eva is dating with Tim Burton.
I hope see her in more movies of Tim.
Josue Antonio Reyes Ramirez
Desde que le vi las tetas me encanta Eva
Lanz Dong
Mia khalifa or eva green
Nick B
Why isn’t she Yennefer?
Mustafa Asaad
EVA Green Are you real
Bored Garden Gnome
Not only is Eva Green drop dead gorgeous, she has a very likeable personality as well! Her acting skills is amazing too! Full package right here.
praise sean bean its a miracle
Lol there’s 2 of them
Palacsinta Palacsinta
I enjoyed the movie :D
Top 3 Eva Green's Roles
1st Miss Peregrine
2nd Colette Marchant
3rd Serafina Pekkala
blackfeather dog
she would/could seduce me when ever she wanted
Aleksandra Todorovic
Eva is so beautiful😍😍
mr jack
To me she is the greatest actress,.
Jorge Navarro
She should be yennefer from witcher series on netflix 😢😢😢
Zed Isdead
Danny is so handsome
Scarlett Brescia
I love how shy and introverted Eva is, like you don’t have to be this loud look at me person in Hollywood for people to appreciate your art. Love you Eva!
I love how open she's about going to therapy 💕
Isabelle Marie
4:41 🎼DaNnY dEvItO🎼
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Everything Wrong With Ralph Eva Green Describes Her Circus Training 1 day ago   11:13

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