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Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) Transformation From Teen To Woman 2018, Daniela Ruah before and after 2018, NCIS LA then and now.
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NCIS: Los Angeles season 10 scenes. NCIS: Los Angeles tv series.
stars: Stars: Chris O'Donnell, Daniela Ruah, Barrett Foa, Eric Christian Olsen.

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John Andrew
She is a fucking ride and man would shag the fuck out of her and doesn't she knows it
Jon Bernhards
Steven Mcgee
I think she is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love her.I watch N,C,I,S, because of her.
TrOll GoD
How much kids do you have ???
YTB -_-loulou
Tino Tse
Daniela Ruah is SMOKI,N HOT!!!!!! She reminds me of Sandra Bullock. Facial Wise. She,s Gorgeous both on & off Camera.
Carl, Ozie Curry
I would love to see Daniela play as Mystique in Xmen. I think she has the height, look, athleticism, and definitely the physical beauty for body paint.
Luis Alberto Alegria Irazu
Muy Hermosa en todas las edades. Es impresion mia o tiene algo en so ojo derecho ?
kazuki ishii
The child in the second picture looks just like Deeks.
Richard Hudak
carol hankins
She's a beautiful lady
Nara Andrade
Linda e talentosa.
Marcy Whitesell
You r gorgeous and blessed to be so beautiful.... Gorgeous figure and hair .
Merlin Hall Arquin
Brad Burchnell
What a sweet smile.
Deborah Foster
In other words she is Hollywood slut
Bobby S
where did Kinsi get the 2010 tits. They were the biggest of the big. Nell may go into cage fighting. At her present size I think she could kick ass.
Michael Swenor
My mom didn't breastfeed me, she only liked me as a friend........
David Ratliff
😍 Daniela Drop dead gorgeous & then some...
Blake Norman
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WHEN CELEBRITIES GET MAD Daniela Ruah (Kensi Blye) 1 day ago   11:16

Celebrities always have to deal with people judging them. Some of them are used to handling negative situations, while others in the other hand are not as tolerant. The non-tolerant ones are able to defend themselves, which it makes their bodyguards useless.


#13, Rihanna. At a press conference that she was in for her Battleship movie, One reporter made a mistake of asking about her relationship with Ashton Kutcher. She quickly got heated up and wanted to move on.

#12, At this radio interview, Ariana grande thought this question was a bit off. So she shared her true feelings about it without any hesitation.

#11, This interview went horribly wrong all around. You gotta learn when to stop asking question about celebs horrible past. That’s what this interviewer did, until Robert downy Jr. had enough and left.

#10, Halle Berry was charged for a hit and run in the year 2000. She had come for an interview on the show to talk about her incident that happened. Howie Mandel made a hit and run joke just after she was about to appear, then she confronted him.

#9, There’s just something about opening up celebs horrible past that makes them wanna leave. Here is this interview with Paris Hilton, everything was going great. Until the interviewer asked her if she thought her fame could be coming to an end.

#8, Sometimes you can never be too prepared for what kind of questions you’re about to be asked. At a press conference Tom Hardy got asked about his sexuality, then he quickly shut down the reporter.

#7, Oprah Winfrey has lots of patience. But in this interview, you can obviously see it in her face that she felt very uncomfortable. After numerous times the interviewer fat-shaming Oprah, she felt at a loss for words.

#6, Akon is a singer and a song writer. At one of his concerts someone threw an object at him in which he didn’t take very lightly. He called the guy who did it and threw him off the stage.

#5, You just gotta learn how to give other people some personal space. This reporter definitely got the bad side of Will Smith.Will Smith shoves back the reporter and smacks him as he was trying to kiss him.

#4, Mariah Carey was kinda pissed that someone took a photo of her elbow that had a scar on it. So she kinda jokingly went off on the paparazzi that were waiting for her to leave.

#3, Kanye West always has something to say during the interviews. On this radio interview he kinda got heated and started shouting until the other guy tried to calm him down.

#2, Kim Kardashain isn’t really the type to clap back on her haters. During this interview the lady mocks her laugh while she still remains to be calm and professional about it. After a while you can kinda see it in her face that she got a little offended.

#1, This next reporter just got a taste of Mila Kunis. At a press conference a reporter asked Justin why he wanted to be in movies. Mila wasn’t having it so she clapped back the reporter.