Descendents - Hope Punk Band Reunion At The Wedding 11 months ago   02:01

Benjamin Idle
Artist: Descendents
Album: Milo Goes to College
Track: Hope

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kitty vicious
Reminds me of my youth.. adult hood sucks !
right 2 live
This is for my lady trashley . One day babe
I listen to this when my wife gets penetrated by big bob.
fanis black flag
Eirini gyrna pisw.
Barrier Boy
Ugh this song bugs the piss out of me
Steph S
This song brings tears to my eyes. My best friend and I growing up played this music everyday and sadly he past away at 26 years old. Bitter sweet for me
Kush Cobain
Hell yeah
Dong King
I wanna hear ride the wild next
Virgil Bennett
You know what, I hope she gets to feel the way she wants to feel with that other guy. The POV character seems like a real loser lol
David Lauritzen
Sublime version seems faster and more earnest right?
cascarudo dorado
Sample Portion
Descendants AKA "nice guys the band"
King Koopa
The ultimate white knight anthem... Truth is unfortunately, his day will never come until she is a used up shell of a woman. Don't be that guy fellas!
Alexander William Peter Carder
That song, wow. Why i not this b4 ? It's a prophecy. Its about him, me and every one else. Its what I've been going through for the last 2 years.
Darcy Perusco
It didn’t take long, and I wasn’t suprised..
bleached butthole
Thank you sublime
Gado d+ kkkkk
Graham Wellington
OKAY!! I retire from "punk rock." I hate this record! I'm sorry I wasn't born in 1883!!
Alexa Alvarez
It’s gonna take you years to find out ❤️
seriously, 1 more friendzone and i'll shoot myself.
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Punk Band Reunion At The Wedding Descendents - Hope 11 months ago   03:38

A father (Fred Armisen) reunites with his old punk band, Crisis of Conformity (Bill Hader, Ashton Kutcher, Dave Grohl), to play their song "Fistfight in the Parking Lot" at his daughter's wedding. [Season 35, 2010]


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