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Cathay Pacific Fires Two Pilots | Chaos Erupts At Hong Kong - At Up-Tube.com

Cathay Pacific fires two pilots Chaos erupts at Hong Kong 1 day ago   01:59

China condemned the actions of anti-government protesters at Hong Kong's international airport on Aug 13 after clashes broke out between protesters and riot police. Cathay Pacific fired two pilots over their involvement in demonstrations. Two ground staff were also fired. Just days before, its CEO had issued a warning to staff that they could lose their jobs if they supported the anti-government protests.

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Comments 317 Comments

Man Itup
Just divert all flights to Shenzhen where everything is happening there. Nothing is left for these rioters, they are only destroying their city and their future. Good luck to them.
triangle stomache
Cathay Pacific now need to go ahead to sue the cathay pacific staffs + those other pilots and
staffs for damaging the company's reputation , for supporting the
rioters + terrorists + protesters .
triangle stomache
Cathay Pacific now need to go ahead to sue the cathay pacific staffs + those other pilots and
staffs for damaging the company's reputation , for supporting the
rioters + terrorists + protesters .
Lar M
Because the two pilots refuse to have their planes equipped with machine guns and bombs and use them on protesters.
Cathay Pacific, shame on you ! Stand up for the rights of all people, not just your profit !!!!
Hung Ho
boycott Cathay Airline
Kev H.
justice is serve, Cathay Pacific did a rational choice to punish this two pilots. it's scary to see these pilots operating a plane. they can just do a 911 if they know some of the passengers support the HK police or speak of their protest irrational.
Josh Asprey
the best democratic way not to support china and its policies..not to fly with Cathay Pacific..not to fly with mainland chinese airlines etc..the millions of disapproval around the world not only from HK people should make Peking realise over its steps...
It is ridiculous to pressure the airline due to political reason and fired the pilots and resulted at the CEO resigned. As a tourist, I always love to fly with Cathay Pacific for their safety and good service. Let's be honest, their safety level is better than any other airlines in China. So what when a pilot say to tourists on flight that there's a protest at airport and give them some info what is that all about? I personally think it is actually really great so we can prepare what we can see and expect on arrival.
Shameful cathay to knee under china pressure. I will boycott this airlines
Tim Jack
“One polit is currently involved in legal proceedings. The other one misused company information on Flight CX216/12 August.” —by Reuters
These Polits are really unprofessional and dangerous!! I have cancelled my ticket of Cathay Pacific,
Marcus Wong
Thanks to carry lam
Tommy Tan
The Beijing Government should identify the 2 Pilots and bar them from flying any plane into the Mainland or Macau. All the Protesters identified as in the front line with face partially concealed
and noted to be violent like throwing stones, defacing the national crest, etc.should be barred entry into the Mainland. That will be a good lesson to confine them in Hong Kong Territory so that these anti nationals do not contaminate the Mainland. These Hong Kongers are free to emigrate and move to USA or Britain the countries that supported their protest and happy to encourage them with the USA Flag and the Union Jack they carried. I hope they are accepted as Citizens in these countries known for Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy . .. to enjoy the rights to live there.
Commander Slayers
You know it would funnier if one of the protester says *CREEPER, AWW MAN*
Eddie Cheang
What sort of professionals are these? Hundreds of human lives are in their hands in each flight, and they are acting for a bunch of rioters who threw their national flag into the sea and waived foreign flags? We call these rioters TRAITORS! Are you together with them? If you are foreigners, then, you are criminals committing an illegal act in a foreign country.
Brennen Cox
Near terrorist levels.... Well, look only to Xinjiang to see how the CCP deals with that.
Sheik Muhammad
And it seems the mainland Chinese are using the protests to their advantage as well.
Rossel Cortez
tang hueng
As a mainland China citizen,what i am concerned about is what is indeed going on in HK,is it really just a protesting action against constitution change,or there is something more hidden undernearth the water?looking forward to replies
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Chaos erupts at Hong Kong Cathay Pacific fires two pilots 1 day ago   10:22

CNN's Paula Hancocks is on the scene as clashes between protesters and riot police break out at Hong Kong's international airport.
Protesters scrambled to set up barricades as police officers left the buses and entered the airport. Riot police appeared soon after, amassing outside the airport terminal and clashing with demonstrators.
The violence came after Hong Kong's Airport Authority announced that all check-in services would be suspended for another night, due to terminal operations being "seriously disrupted."

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