Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT 'I DIDNT THINK HE WOULD GET UP' - PARIS 1 week ago   20:51

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Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Tyson Fury Draw

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Joyce Jones
In real life whoever gets dropped loses.
deontay The Sore Loser wilder

fucking joke
Said Dandridge
Funtamental 👈🏿 what is that because that’s what Wilder said, I guess he speaks just as unorthodox as he fights. By the way Wilder lost that fight clearly.
Don’t let fury getting up distract you from the fact wilder knocked him on his big ass
The fight game about money. Don’t be hurt cause Fury didn’t get the decision. If he wants to teAch a boxing lesson (which he did) open a gym. But in the fight game take the champion out period. Don’t leave it up to the judges cause they going to do what best for the sport not the fight. So everyone can say this n that about Wilder Fury or the fight. If it makes you feel better say Wilder lost or Fury got knocked out yada yada yada.... what we say ain’t going to change nothing. But what ever helps you accept it and sleep better then post it. Fight over and outcome will be the same. Truth is Fury never claimed he can’t be knocked out and Wilder never Claimed to have the best boxing techniques. No secret his skill is power knockouts and his record shows this. They both did what they said they would. Fury said he can out box Wilder and Wilder knocked him out like he said and for that neither lost the decision If you can’t see what happened here then you don’t understand the fight game.
Robot Cameron
Teach, Deontay Wilder.
Scott Campbell
fury is a boxing clown, he's not great. fury lost, he's no threat to wilder hahahaa
Scott Campbell
wilder won. two knock downs win fights. bad judges. it's alright, next time
Shaz Javed
Baaaang, baaaaang, lights out!
White dudes get super butthurt when an African American boxer serves a white boxer the way wilder just did and the way Mayweather served connor lol
Why is it that EVERY fucking fight theres all these dumb fucks yelling "robbery" bruh STFU a desicion is a desicion yo dumbass ain't a judge for a reason just enjoy the fight and shut yo bitch ass up
Tommy Brashares
He sure has a lot of excuses for a man with "No excuses" LOL!! Great fight.
Leonard McNeal
What a Bum,yell he knock him down but he lost the fight.
STO AntiTrollDivision
Well if Fury beat him after all this time out he is going to destroy him in the rematch!!!
milli para ticaret
The money is always champion.Deontay wilder won but decision is diferent.unbelievable
benny almoni
he needs to start with a jab faint with the big cross and make it and uppercut then finish with a big left hook
Jt Dampier
Wilder isn’t only a great fighter but a very conscious and humble brother.
Key Himself
Boxing need overtime!
TruthSeekerUK/ PAFC
I think wilder must be punch drunk if he thinks it was a close fight!!
TruthSeekerUK/ PAFC
Boxing stinks
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'I DIDNT THINK HE WOULD GET UP' - PARIS Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT 1 week ago   03:57


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