Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT 'I DIDNT THINK HE WOULD GET UP' - PARIS 3 months ago   20:51

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Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Tyson Fury Draw

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Anuradha 360
Deontay fucked fury up! Facts!
Mark Robbinson
wilder definitely won the first 2 rounds, lots of the rounds that people gave fury, Id call it a draw, fury dodged alot of punches that made him look superior, but he didn't actually land any punches back, dodging a punch doesn't score you a point, and tysons show boating, and wilder responding with wild missing punches made people give fury that round, but that doesn't score fury anything either, giving fury that win would be a robbery, lots of rounds were draws, furys show boating doesnt score him points, fury wasn;t dominating at all, ali vs liston is dominating, fury still won more rounds but less than you think, with wilders knock downs a draw is fair
Mathew Gregory
The words of a broken man ,you lost wilder
m.o. z.g.
If both got same score of total 338 points and fury dropped 2 times on the floor by knowout but got right up while wilder dropped 0 times ...why tf this is a draw ????
abulmajd alfahad
I’ve never doubt about Tyson would teach this thing called Wilder a lesson
Darrell Clifton
Deontay won that fight he put him down two times real talk
David Morrison
#boringpaperyankeechampion The quicker that wall gets built the better, fucking spic judge
xyla aqsa
Wilder can fight ,, this was his hardest ,, excellent show ,, can't wait rematch ,,
No doubt
steven Brock
I definitely wanna see a Fury Wilder two i think if or when that happens i think wilder might be in some trouble. I disagree with them when they said that was the best Fury out there but not Wilder. I truly dont think that was the best Fury out there not at all.
Edward Stevens
Deontay Wilder need to learn how to box. A boxer with skills will beat Wilder very easily.
Hasson Robinson
Fury got dropped twice so STFU U STUPID WHITE'S
Ran Tan
His eye brows kept raising 😭😭
Ran Tan
How he go from lit to humble af Tyson gave him nightmares 🤣😭
tom jones
what wilder is saying is.. i know my style is shit and i cant box that well, but i make a fight what a fight is, its about differant styles and doesnt matter if im shit. its my style
tom jones
FIGHTERS DONT MAKE A FUSS ANYMORE ABOUT GETTING ROBBED. they get paid enough to not realy care as much
Royal Flush
Hold on, if you punch me 2 million times I punch you 10 times and knock you down how can you say you beat me 🤔
Jason Razzell
I can see what is being said about fury being down for 12 seconds. however the fight did go to the end and with that in mind fury took the piss out of him all night. he is a better boxer. wilder a one trick pony. it's also a travesty because fury will get in ring with Joshua and wilder won't. imagine that was Anthony Joshua in there against wilder tonight. haha wilder would still be unconscious.
Shaz Javed
Sore loser, you turn in your bed full of cowlice lol ko boy
M Hughes
Wilder is mentally retarded. Or he just is completely unaware of his lack of ability.
hot dogg
He was paid to miss those 9 rounds just for a rematch wilder gon tko that clown next fight
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'I DIDNT THINK HE WOULD GET UP' - PARIS Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT 3 months ago   03:57


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