Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT 'I DIDNT THINK HE WOULD GET UP' - PARIS 6 months ago   20:51

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Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT PRESS CONFERENCE vs. Tyson Fury Draw

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Brougham Randolph
What I will say is Deontay is a well respectable man. Congratulations Sir. You make me proud to be Black. great fight! You Will be better the next fight. just take your time and put it together.
Chuck Roast
That mf got a honey bun on that eye 😂😂😂😂
Mark M
Fury the real Champion
The Destroyer
Hahaha loser
Highway maintenance
Fury is crap
Mohammed Ali
Reporter: What do you think of your performance Wilder?

Wilder: Im a total lunatic, I like swinging for no reason, sometimes I cry when I swing.
Mr Jonesy
If 2 knock downs give u 5 rounds then 🤷🏿‍♂️😂
Zack Colon
Wilder is Boxing Thanos. "There will be one champion, one name, it's way too many" 🤣😂💪🏽💪🏽👊🏽
Karsten Stoddard
I love both these guys, but who the crap told Deontay he was winning that fight? They deserve to go to court
heart peace
Whatever wilder knock down twice and ref count ten already should be stop game
solid cake
American boxing over the last 15 years has been pathetic, Mayweather has been there best fighter an yet he's never boxed outside of American and had the same refs an judges for every fight... without Joe Cortez screaming "break" every 30 seconds he'd be a journeyman lol,a fat out of shape inactive fury gave a boxing lesson to wilder an there's a reason why the three best American promoted fighters over the last 10 years have been a Mexican,a Kazakh and a Ukrainian lol
Hector Gonzalez
“I have a questions about the Count” -Wilder

You don’t have questions about that 115-111 Scorecard too?

Wilder is just coasting and got on the better side for his last 2 fights. He was losing against Ortiz and lost to Fury yet he acts like no one can truly beat him.
Good stuff.
Jasper Ram
Haha your a joke u got beat fury got robbed.
Anuradha 360
Deontay fucked fury up! Facts!
Mark Robbinson
wilder definitely won the first 2 rounds, lots of the rounds that people gave fury, Id call it a draw, fury dodged alot of punches that made him look superior, but he didn't actually land any punches back, dodging a punch doesn't score you a point, and tysons show boating, and wilder responding with wild missing punches made people give fury that round, but that doesn't score fury anything either, giving fury that win would be a robbery, lots of rounds were draws, furys show boating doesnt score him points, fury wasn;t dominating at all, ali vs liston is dominating, fury still won more rounds but less than you think, with wilders knock downs a draw is fair
Mathew Gregory
The words of a broken man ,you lost wilder
5-minute craft funny
If both got same score of total 338 points and fury dropped 2 times on the floor by knowout but got right up while wilder dropped 0 times ...why tf this is a draw ????
abulmajd alfahad
I’ve never doubt about Tyson would teach this thing called Wilder a lesson
Darrell Clifton
Deontay won that fight he put him down two times real talk
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'I DIDNT THINK HE WOULD GET UP' - PARIS Deontay Wilder POST FIGHT 6 months ago   03:57


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