Fake Professor on the First Day PRANK When A Woman Took This 8 months ago   03:09

Chamber Boys
Chamber Boy Patrick from the University of Rochester acts as the freshman chemistry professor on the first day of class.
To find out more about the REAL Professor Hafensteiner check this out: https://up-tube.com/upvideo/aipsf-3y0CL

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I did that once, with an added twist: I had horrible spelling mistakes, so the irony of being an illiterate PhD teaching in college was ginormous.
the real one seems chill af
Tuan Long
and...who the hell is he ?
creator Space
It's done well.
Sam King
Lol did you notice how the real professor went after him when he ran away?
Neo J. Ssk
Add Subtitle please
Tyler Martinz
Fall of 2013 was my junior year in high school y'all are old lol.
gustavo henriquez
who are you :V hahajaja
Jeremiah Tassinari
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Westend Beats
LMFAOOO!! Still funny every time i come back to this video
so this is getting recommended again, huh?
but at least a good recommendation.
thanks, youtube algorithm.
Vinamra Mishra
Did someone get recommendation on 2019?
This reminds me from that one episode from hunter x hunter.
Cosmo Kramer
Ron Martin
A student flash mob of 20 or so would have been much funnier!
Bromeo Torres
Did the prof try to chase after him?
Richard Francis
Hes honest..medical school way too hard for many..but dont rule out the Caribbean schools..they make you an MD and a lot quicker...St Georges..Antigua..take a look
Paul White
what would happen if he was dr dick ?
Syn Thesis
this is identity theft coming up next to plagiarism.
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When A Woman Took This Fake Professor on the First Day PRANK 8 months ago   06:45

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