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I'm not Norm
Norm Macdonald is a deeply closeted gay man but he's not gay.

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John Holland
Remember when just saying "gay" WAS the joke? I'm sure glad we finally got past that.
Gregor Miller
I'm not gay, but 20 bucks is 20 bucks.
Daniel Johnston
I think Seth Myers and Ellen Degenerate are gay twins separated at birth?
Daniel Johnston
The one about, "what happened to Richard Gere's hamster?" Way too funny!
Diana Beurman
Bachagaloop Jones
"I wanna look like a guy who isn't on Cunannan's hit list."
Steven Watson
I made a series of conclusions based on evidence and reasoning that you're one of them homosexuals
Abdul Rahman
"Come by one day and have a chicken with me" 😂
is he actually gay ?
Joe Badgley
Letterman showing how much of a pussy he really became!!!
Joe Badgley
The Fruit! LMFAO
Joe Badgley
It's funny, always alot of truth, and it should never matter if anyone gets butt hurt by hearing either truth or a funny version of the truth!!!! Stop announcing what u love or don't, keep it private and grow up!!! No need to March the streets all because u enjoy the sausage!
Russ Hartman
Funnier and more apropos today than ever.
Erik Vitands
He's making fun of the pandering. He's making fun of the intolerant ignorance. He's making fun of the marketing of gay. I guess you'd have to have been there.
Jimmy Calhoun
What year was the checked-shirt "Conan" appearance? Just wondering.
Jimmy Calhoun
The joke about the murderous "Jenny Jones" guest was perfect. Hard to imagine a more deserving target. :-)
Shibin Mathew
Back when SNL wasn't neutered.
Gerry Berry
Ha! Loved that double take at 2:05!
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