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Geography Now
Gluten free vegetarians beware. Watch at your own risk.

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Victoria K
I'm so happy you mentioned Sorbians!

Btw, Tschüss is just western/ Rhineland Hochdeutsch, in Cologne we say Tschö
john doe
as a german, im gettn national feeling and pride due to sutch videos- id guess there are alot of german having no identity with nation because of the past and how we tread ourself even today for that past. its good to see that others can forget!
Michael Shoemaker?
RuMeNa KaDuLJa
Michael Shoe-maker...
Who ist german too?
Ich lache mir gerade den Arsch ab :)
Alex Gonzalez de Pinera
Heil the Kaiser
Jente Rothberg
I live in north of germany like north north ! 20 minutes from Denmark north ... and believe me I'm talking enough! 😂
Deine Mudda
8:48 soooo true haha
Deine Mudda
Kuku clocks hahahahaahah
Deine Mudda
It’s so funny to watch that as a German haha Grüße aus dem deutschen Vaterland
I think Lower Saxony is called that way because it is the area where they spoke low german (platt) which is similar to modern Dutch and still spoken by some old people today
Austin Wakeman
Wow what a surprise that there are barely any Jews left in Germany
wow, that was..... a lot information!
Just asking: would you like to make kind of an interview with someone actually from germany about some of the topics you talked about in this video? Feel free to contact me ;)
Emy Aberle
We don't have tornados lol😂
Yannik Handle
10:23 "Wirtschaftswunder".......and germans love to correct people I guess...but there are so many words
Yannik Handle
9:32 "Backpfeife" thats a classic one....:D
Yannik Handle
9:25 "Mehrdeutig" :)
Yannik Handle
Actually bears are distinct in germany, but they just start to come back, like the wolves, which where once spread all over europe...7:30 YAAAS Leibniz University!
germans are very unique 💙
4:00 OSTFRIESEN versammelt euch!!
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German Candy Time!!! Geography Now! Germany 3 months ago   31:19

Some generous soul sent a box of delicious German Candy to the attic for us to eat. Who doesn't like foreign candy! Well... maybe some of it?! Come unbox some candy with us!