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Rosanna Schütt
White Orb
Well I am German and I did not know about the tornadoes, but maybe that is, because I am living in NRW (West).
Great and well informed video! Really cool ^^
Your pronunciations of the German words were also widely good !

Thank you!
Me: Lives in Germany
This guy: telling me stuff about my country I don't know
My reaction:

you forgot to mention every "northerner" says moin as a greeting all the time. Was "moin moin" at some point, but thats just too much talking..
Clash Gamer
Greetings from North Rhine- Westphalia 🙈✌
Lil Trump
🎶We are the 16 states of germany🎶
Wenn du bei 5:29 das gute Augustiner siehst, das du auch im Kühlschrank hast
GodFather 204
Also in diesem Video habe ich jetzt neues erlernt lol
If you hold up a german flag back here in Germany you get called a nazi but it's ok to hold up flags of other countries...
What about german Cars? Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Porsche? LIKE IF GERMANY HAS THE BEST CARS ❤️
Luis Garcia
Well I live in Ulm💃
5:06 that literally killed me 😂
Nils Reitelbach
Ja ja wir Deutschen sind schon ein lustiges Volk

P.S kommt es mir nur so vor oder redet der scheiße schnell??
PrasGames TV
that's embarrassing (when you are Czech)
Wierschaftswunder aha
Julia Dragneel
2:10 Adolf von Bismarck? xD
Michael Shoemaker?
Trevor the Turtle
i am 17, from thuringia, germany and i have learned more about my own country than in ten years of geography lessons lol
ffw 112
Ich mag deutsches brot ehrlich gesagt nicht 😂
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BIGGEST And MOST EXPENSIVE Gemstones Geography Now! Germany 9 months ago   11:42

Check out the BIGGEST And MOST EXPENSIVE Gemstones Ever Discovered! From the most valuable diamonds and emeralds to the largest minerals, this top 10 list of super expensive crystals has some of the greatest discoveries!

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10. The Cullinan Diamond (530 Carats)
The Cullinan Diamond was discovered in Gauteng, South Africa, in 1905. The large blue-white stone was just 30 feet from the surface and was extracted by a miner with a pocket knife. Easy peasy!! He took it to the office to have it measured, and it weighed 3,106.75 carats, about 621 grams, which made it by far the largest diamond to have been found at the time.

9. The Golden Jubilee (545.67 Carats)
Weighing in at 545.67 carats, the Golden Jubilee diamond is the largest cut and faceted diamond in the world. From images, it looks to be a golden orange color, but it's actually graded as a fancy yellow-brown stone.

8. Star of Adam (1,404 Carats)
In 2016, the world’s largest blue sapphire was unearthed in Sri Lanka, weighing in at a massive 1,404 Carats- which is the equivalent to almost 10 ounces. It came from a mine in the southern city of Ratnapura- a place that is known as the “city of gems” because of the large numbers of precious stones that are found there. Still, this was a major find- the Sri Lankan gem industry is thought to be worth about 103 million dollars annually, but this one was valued at more than 100 million dollars just by itself!!

7. The Rajaratna Ruby (2,475 Carats)
The Rajaratna ruby was first unveiled in 1986 and, at the time, was thought to be the largest ruby in the world. It's had an eventful history, and was thought to have originated in either one of India's two well-known ruby and sapphire regions during medieval times- Kalinga and Kalpur… or Mogok in Burma- places synonymous with discoveries of large gems.

6. The Pearl of Puerto (75 lb)
In 2016 the world’s largest pearl was found in the Philippines in the most unlikely of places- underneath a fisherman’s bed, where it had been for at least 10 years. According to the man, he had found it while out fishing when his boat’s anchor had become tangled with a giant clam, and he had to swim down to dislodge it. The pearl is one foot wide, 2.2 feet long, and weighs 75 pounds- which means it could be worth as much as 100 million dollars!

5. Sergio Diamond (3,167 Carats)
While it’s not worth as much as other diamonds that have been found, the Sergio Diamond is something quite special- and is thought to have been the largest rough diamond to have ever been discovered.

4. Olympic Australis (17,000 Carats)
Australia is undoubtedly the home of opals, and in 1956, at the ‘eight-mile' mining field in the town of Coober Pedy, miners found the largest ever to be discovered. It was dug from a cavity about 30 feet beneath the surface, and they couldn't believe their eyes when they realized what it was. Weighing a massive 17,000 carats, it's 11 inches long and 4.5 inches high.

3. 125West Ruby (18,696 Carats)
Rubies are a type of corundum mineral- given their name because of their deep, rich, red hue. They come in a variety of colors, though, with red ones always being called a ruby, and other types being called sapphires. They are the second hardest known minerals, after diamonds, so great care has to be taken when turning rough stones into polished pieces.

2. The American Golden Topaz (22,892 Carats)
Topaz is well known for its ability to form huge crystals, but the even the miners of Minas Gerais in Brazil were surprised in the early '80s when they dug up some particularly amazing stones.

1. The Bahia Emerald (1.7m Carats)
And of course no list of giant stones would be complete without this big guy! This is the biggest rough gemstone that has ever been found- the Bahia Emerald. It was found in a mine in Bahia, Brazil, in 2001, and is a rock that contains 9 crystals- one of which is the largest single emerald crystal to have ever been discovered. In total, the Bahia rock is thought to contain at least 1.7 million carats, and is estimated to be worth up to 400 million dollars.

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