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There are so many science tricks that you can perform at home without any problem! All you need is your hands and a few very affordable materials. Congratulations, you cna run your homemade science show and surprise your family members and friends! You can also use these tricks for your school project ideas.

For example, do you know how to get electricity out of a potato? If the answer was no, we are here to tell you how! You can also get electricty out of soda drinks.

Another amazing block of ideas is connected with batteries. For example, you can make a copper wire carousel out of a battery and a piece of wire. Another awesome idea that may come in handy at the most unexpected moment is charging phones using batteries – check out our DIY science tutorial for kids and learn how to do that.

It's getting colder – you can make a portbale hand heater using a battery wrapped with a piece of foil. Another awesome (but you'll need supervision of your parents for this trick) is made with a battery and a couple of needles.

Check out our cool magic tricks with magnets – flying objects, spinning copper wire hoop, a rolling battery, a racing battery inside a copper spring, a water compass. You can make a lot of things using magnets. You can even make things levitate! Don't you believe me? Watch this video till the end and see yourself!

Watch this video up to the end and see awesome tricks with balloons, candles, and what not!


01:14 – Copper wire tricks
04:12 – Magic tricks with magnets
06:06 – Magic tricks with water
08:54 – Soda and salt trick


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5-Minute Crafts KIDS
Did you manage to keep it in this air tube? *7:35* 🌬💨🌪☄️
Bayu Hermansyah
Rasel Molla
আরে সবটাই বোয়া একটা ও স্যত না,,, কেউ বিশ্যাস করবেন না।
Sifat Prodhan Kasmir
Very nice science experiment 😍😍😍😍
Rupali Rupali
Ayesha Jabeen
Amazing guys
Albert Fernandes
Princess Marquez
Please answer meee ASAP because i will do it on my school .
It's my project.
Princess Marquez
What is called to that object fly when you do it with magnet tricks?
What is that object called or name?
Kusha ram Roy
jit PAL
Hawa Me udne wala magnet Kis Kis cheez se bani Hui Hai please reply me
jit PAL
Very good
✓ Науч. Студия ✓ Sergey Kachan: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlEX99xZE8qOvEV7vDZf_oAkyCOrS1p-z
Hari Kumar Shah
You are amazing and best and I am your big big big big big bigger and biggest fan .
Can you please make a video on things made out of newspapers
for your fan
Nausad Ali
So nice vedio
AR Media
Acorn Productions
Ali Imran
Wait what I never knew a potato was a conducyer
Hiba Ben Alla
S'il vous plaît, est-ce que vous pouvez faire une vidéo sur la façon de fabriquer des panneaux solaires petits
Tahir Sultan Goraya
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