Ted Ligety, the World's smartest skiier Ted Ligety Slalom Training in NZ with 4 months ago   06:40

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Ted Ligety may be the world's smartest skier. Picabo Street finds out what makes the Olympic Gold Medalist tick.

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Gunnar Gunn
Ligety may be smart, Street is certainly not!
nice video
Dominique Dourneau
Do you even know who she is...?
Picabo ring a bell
She is a world champion and an olympian..
Don't know about you but ...not ever been there or have a gold medal..
Charles Watts
Who the heck says « the zone »?
James C
Ted Ligety was probably lucky a few runs, but why has he fallen from the podium last few years?
Frank Petronio
Wow Fox is so stupid
BS, BS and more BS! There is a BIG difference between Doing it, Seeing it and Teaching it. An instructor has to tell a student what they need to do with their body to connect turns and do it in a way that the student can Clearly understand and remember. In 50 years I have Never heard an instructor even come close to achieving that. That Includes the PSIA! It's So Simple, it just goes to show how short sighted humans are. They can't see The BIG Picture. They see the reaction to doing it correctly NOT what they are doing to Make it correct and put That into a teaching method that people can actually understand.

Did anybody listening to this REALLY learn anything? Are you going to be able to go out there and repeat what he did on skis?
bob smith
Vincent CoppolaTed Ligety is one of the greatest ever
Chuck Anderson
Ted Ligety is one of the greatest when you're talking about alpine racers; however this reporter displays zero knowledge of the sport, and doesn't create a good image of the sport for naive viewers of Fox News. She barely gives Ligety a chance to answer her questions, he spends the whole interview trying to repair her questions. If you want to know anything about ski racing, do not watch this video.
greg simcakoski
@Robert Gersintzky  you sound like such a fucking idiot with that anti-American shit and not knowing who Picabo Street is.
don't watch this video if you don't like Americans.  quit using YouTube (made in the U.S.A.) while you're at it.
goddammit you guys in the comment section are annoying 
Arnold Hintersteiner
sure, an American is the smartest
Ligety comes not even close to every single overall worldcup winner
I have no idea how Ligety could stomach being within so much as one mile of that vicious, self-serving, imperious dumb bitch Street. Ted....., that took greater strength than any alpine course.
This guy is so full of himself.
Gigs 98
you know, ligety is the best giant slalom driver of the world but this video is complete bullshit. the reason why ligety is so fast is his technique and not because he is smarter than anyone else.
Agent ofthe9s
"Smartest (pro) skier" is like saying the tallest dwarf.
Fox suckt"!
Jahangir Hussain
Picabo (The interviewer) was at the '98 Olympics and won the Gold medal in the Super G by beating Austria's Michaela Dorfmeister, I suspect she might know a thing or two about skiing lads...
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Ted Ligety Slalom Training in NZ with Ted Ligety, the World's smartest skiier 4 months ago   01:38

This was shot with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition following behind Ted Ligety during slalom training runs in New Zealand in August 2013. The above angle is from a mount Ted Ligety built on his own.