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Downtown Streets: Milwaukee, Wi | Marquette Interchange Tour: Milwaukee, - At Up-Tube.com

Downtown Streets: Milwaukee, WI Marquette Interchange Tour: Milwaukee, 8 months ago   05:50

A street tour around downtown Milwaukee.

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dennis boudreau
You need to do a tour of Bay View in Milwaukee, if you haven't
rob Lofton
Looks like it slow down there
Sage Garden
Wow Beautiful. Im a Chicagoan  but lived in Mil for about 10 years n miss it a lot. I still love the place. Met my Life Partner there n brought him back with me 26 years ago. :) Great People in Wisconsin.
Given Family
good video. Thank you !!!
sophalino brown
Wow I was there way back in 1991-92 when Dahmer got arrested...I used to walk by his building on 25th St on my way to Marquette university. Long time ago. Funny how life goes on.
David Heller
Strange music are these one hit wonders?
D Man
See how empty the city is , its always like that.
Наталья Наталья
Супер.покажите еще
Milwaukee 148
Wow old video....
Ballistic Bob
Awesome music...fun tour of Milwaukee...where are all the dames at? You gotta get out and walk around and show us the goods, man.
DiDi Anderson
So weird, hardly any pedestrians on the street. So few trees too.
Philippine Expat Country Living
My husband study at Milwaukee University. Late 60s
Ascending Tract
i saw dahmer at the 219 club
Suelynn Russell
I Moved to Milwaukee and lived there from 1998 to 2005 I like it Because I Met a lot of interesting People and I felt right at home" I Worked at CKIS ( Catholic Knights Insurance Society) up on 11th & Wells.
bill thompson
It's amazing how you managed to avoid getting car-jacked,murdered, raped, or hit by drunk driver,in the Shitty of Milwaukee.
Artis Smith
Brew City has some decent places too!
Muhammad Islam
This is Look like south side of Chicago
That was a awesome video that you did of Milwaukee
You should do a new video of Milwaukee and take the hoan bridge to show a beautiful view of the US Bank and the Northwestern mutual tower and the other buildings.
John Grochowski
Old video, but glad you enjoyed your visit. Be sure to come back and take a look around again. Much has changed, and most of those streets have been resurfaced.
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Marquette Interchange Tour: Milwaukee, Downtown Streets: Milwaukee, WI 8 months ago   07:48

This shows you all the main ramps of the Marquette Interchange in downtown Milwaukee along with some bonus footage of some of the other ramps that make up this large interchange.

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