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Check out Bradshaw Chevrolet in Greer, South Carolina! They have a great selection of Camaros in stock including this awesome 2018 Camaro ZL1.

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14000 East Wade Hampton Blvd Greer SC 29651

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Cars, Costs and Technology
I've got some new Corvette videos coming soon! Thanks for watching 👍
Damon Mattheus
A Mustang Owner
Don’t know how I missed this video from a year ago. I love the ZL1. What a monster of a sports car.
Jorge Guzmán
I like that
Ryu Hope
Weeone 611
I really wanted to watch this and some of your others, but the fast talking is annoying AF
Paul N Tube
I want a zl1
Jose Armando Mero Manrique
😯😍 Quiero uno
Dominick Sforza
With all the good stuff this guy is sharing with this review, you choose to whine about the guys voice?!? Really?!? This car IS awesome and there's a few bolt on mods for this thing that make it even quicker. I'm in south florida and we have a shop down here that only works on later models of the GM V-8, naturally aspirated and supercharged from mellow HP increases to insane increases. Being the wuss I am I chose just bolt on upgrades as I didn't want any warrantee problems, and I haven't. I had dumped a '15 SRT Challenger that was a nightmare and finally had to lemon law the car for 22 service calls in 24 months, I don't know why they wouldn't fix the damn thing but as much as I loved and wanted it they ruined it for me. With the check from Dodge I went to a friends Chevy dealer and ordered my 2017 ZL1 and I haven't had even a hiccup with the car, 22000 miles. after the SRT I bought the extended warrantee up to 60k miles and haven't had even 1 problem, not 1!!! Even after the bolt on mods, a CAI, new headers, a bigger supercharger pulley to get more air in over the stock pulley. The speedshop, REDLINE MOTORSPORTS in Pompano Beach Florida, Howards dynotune sync for the 10speed auto, stock LT4 baseline was at about 530hp at the wheels, with those mellow bolt ons it now dynos at 620hp at the wheels and it's more than noticeable when you hit the gas. Its faster than the stock Z06 and embarrasses any mustang I've rolled against and all this without effecting its real daily driver reliability. The hellcat, while a hair quicker in a straight line, can't hang on the track. After the bolt ons I can beat the hellcat in a straight line also. Not by much I must say, Dodge always underrated the HEMIs and the stock motor rated at 707hp was closer to 740hp. Regardless, the ZL1 comes in as a performance bargain, with all boxes checked it comes in more than $3k less the hellcat. There's a v-10 IROC Z coming out by 2020, that a V-10 is rumoured to be just under 900hp. I hope so, but in the meantime, my '17 ZL1 is a beast, to say the least!!! Drive safe out there folks.
Nabil Salama
Tom Boyle
Corvettes are sexy. Camaros are common and boring
Paul Guggenbuehl
I have the new GT3 and this Camaro is a car that gives you almost the same performance for $100k less depending on options( these newer GT3 owners are worried more about deviated stitching that going to the track, loading the cars with 60-80k worth of worthless options) This Camaro is one that will be in my garage soon.
Tom Federico
The camaro is a lemon, buyer beware...
Famerica Ju
Great video....i just wish I could've heard the supercharger system more.....keep up the good work but next time don't have the background music so loud and we can really hear how it sounds
01:02 How can any dealership justify putting their company sticker on the back of a car that costs this much? I know it's easily taken off but still.
supercross junkie
Are you a Nazi robot #MONOTONE we are DEVO
Michael Sanchez
How do you get the app
Monkey Kids
you talk faster than the zl1
proprietário Da MUSIC Top OFFICIAL
Carro top quero um desse
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2018 Chevrolet Camaro RS (3.6L 2018 Camaro ZL1 Review! (From 1 month ago   10:01

Today, we'll be taking an in depth look at the 2018 Chevrolet Camaro RS in Bright Yellow Color
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