Chevorlet Silverado Three Key FOB features 2014-15-16-17-2018 Chevy Sierra/Silverado Amplifier 2 days ago   03:11

Three Chevrolet key fob features you might not know about. Remote start, auto folding mirrors, and auto remote windows.

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Raleigh Alvarez
Was wondering about the folding mirrors thanks man!
Make That Point
Nice, well done, thank you.
rafael romero
Sweet 😂
How do u remotely roll windows up again
Norelia Gaeta
Dude another 👍 you ROCK! I had no idea about these features.
Toxic Venom
Thank you sir. AWESOME video.
So if you have the remote start option it works? Great! The other stuff is not standard, either.
Gino Asci
hi, how do i change the run time on a 2015 GMC factory remote start so it runs longer than 10 minutes?
Nose Marines
Awesome 👍
Daniel Galindo
😮 I gotta admit when he talked about the remote start and him being older gentleman I though like really what’s next lock and unlucky your doors? But I really got schooled by him 😂 I had no clue gm trucks did that, and yes as soon as video was over I went outside to try it on my 18 Sierra, good video sir
Wow just bought my 2016 Silverado yesterday and this video popped up .Thanks a lot!
Those features only work if you have power mirrors and the ability to role all windows down at once as part of your package.
This is all basic stuff for years now
So I just tried the window thing with my new 2018 3500 Sierra SLE and it worked lol. It's so dumb that it's fun.
So is it a "hidden" feature, when the remote control has a START ENGINE button on it? LOL
Sangeeta Roshan
nice video,,,,stay connected
Joshua Zollinger
You can also stop the windows in any position with a third push of the button
Very informative. I just bought my 2018 GMC Sierra SLT last week. Like most, I figured I'd fumble around and find all the bells and whistles. This video cut that time by about two months. GREAT JOB!!
my keyfob turned my truck into texas.
If you have the electric mirrors feature.
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2014-15-16-17-2018 Chevy Sierra/Silverado Amplifier Chevorlet Silverado Three Key FOB features 2 days ago   10:39

2014-2018 Gm Sierra/Silverado Amplifier installation using our Plug and play Loop Back harness teamed up with 2 Audio control amps Lc4.800 and an LC1.800 along with an Epicenter to help boost that deep bass.