My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables My Bad Makeover Nightmare 4 months ago   13:38

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Loren Anderson
Awww! Both horses and bunnies like carrots and Bunny is both 🥕
Madison Holt
the long snoot russian lady go cronch
Mckinnley Franklin
Bunny turned around when Julian said freckle butt 😂
Tutu Mama
...... needs a bit less yakking and a bit more action. Those doggy's are dinky dee cuties but !!
My dog does the same thing with she eat. We call her a browser bc during dinner she’ll brows the table for crumbs
Christina Willson
my dog loves ice cubes carrots watermelon bonkly apples and olives witch I don't give him often
Cosmickat Studios
Andrea Rupe
Bruh Jenna made that bunny joke in a video 6 years ago with Julien, playing with Photobooth
Jessie Ahlstrom
Love bunny content
Mikayla Gutermann
Watch Marbles at 1:43. The little hop he does. He's just playing by himself. Enjoying life! 😭
Tracy Wrigley
hey ummmmmmm you said "everything with a mouth likes watermelon" 1 my rats hate watermelon 2 what if u allergic
You can see a ghost in the background at 1:43
Many Layers
2:10 peach: *smacks table* I DEMAND TO BE FED IMMEDIATELY.
logan miranda
i want more bunny content tbh
logan miranda
bunny is such a sweet baby and i am crying
a e s t e t h i c b i t c h
binoculars is such a big gorl
April Khan
We love Bunny! Please do make all the doggo content!
Shawna Phillips
"Look at that freckle butt"
Andrew Knoll
You know canines are carnivorous right? No Vegetables and fruit are good for dog or cats. Seriously, look it up. A little bit won't kill but it isn't "Safe". That is like saying a wolf can eat fruits and vegetables . Do you ever see wild dogs or wolves eating fruits or vegetables in the wild? No they don't. Just because your vegan doesn't mean a species that specifically carnivorous can eat fruits and vegetables. Humans are omnivorous. We can eat meat aswell as fruits and vegetables.
primula daisy
My dog loves ice cubes so much if she hears the ice maker turn on she *runs* to the fridge. She's normally *so* lazy and never runs anywhere
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My Bad Makeover Nightmare My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables 4 months ago   02:28