Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... The Story Of Ultimate Custom Night 1 month ago   13:40

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Thanos - the big bad with a tragic past. We've talked about him a LOT on this channel, except we've missed one BIG mistake. Possibly the biggest mistake Thanos made the ENTIRE movie! He put all his power into a single snap but that metal gauntlet COULDN'T SNAP! That's right, Marvel made a big no no and I am here to set them straight!

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c c
thanos has the reality stone
Tony K-rashmandulu ,king of the lemurs
The persian snap that my dad does makes the sound of a MOAB, its crazy. I can do it but not nearly as well
Maya Petersen
Wow, wow, wow!!! Matt! Focus on ONE super hero universe! Batman is DC (3:21)
Random Fandom
I would have preferred the snap to sound like *WAA*
I have put 1000 1s for you all so please subscribe
Holyshit he's right I can't snap with my fingers are like that
Alex V V
I cant snap.
Titanium Steel
Thanos does a snap
*Theorizes the snap and do science on it*

Extra : I hope I will be theorized for this one :( 👌 (can't find a snap emoji)
Mr. Doge
Major problem

I cant snap
Private Dead
but it's not the snap that kills everybody he could just as easily closed his fist and kills 50% he just clicks his fingers for style
Angel Hernandez Vega
I tried snapping with my index finger instead of middle finger and instead of snapping, my index finger cracked
Isaac Luzu
Have you seen heard that the Russo brothers said that Thanos was this giantic INDISTRUCTABLE titan
Its Mups MultiUser Player Sahil Channel
Copper has a high coefficient of friction
Alex Benavidez
Today I learnt that I don't snap my fingers correctly....I always snap with my thumb and third finger for some reason. I dont' know why, it's how I learnt to do it and I've never been able to snap loudly. It feels weird to do it with my thumb and forefinger
Mr. Cat
The reason it made the snap noise is because the stones
TheGachaingDylan #1230
*_The thanos dance_*
Herry Herryansyah
Hey. Thanks for teaching me stuff bro BTW I'm a notification squad bro
Jacque Wheatley
My favorite superhero is spider man My favorite anti villain is venom
Lalo Gonzalez
Thanos changed the universe with the stone so that he can snap
He can control the glove with his mind dumbass
Chingun Ariunbold
My fingers are tired now
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The Story Of Ultimate Custom Night Film Theory: Thanos Was WRONG... 1 month ago   15:11

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