Same but DIFFERENT: 15 ADVANCED and Intermediate Speak FLUENT (British) English 5 months ago   10:01

Sometimes the way that intermediate speakers express themselves and advanced speakers in English is different.

In this video we look at 15 words and expressions that a native speaker would use but (probably) not an intermediate level learner of English. So if you wish to push up your level from intermediate to advanced this lesson will give you a nudge in that direction.

Intermediate and advanced English lessons with subtitles on our youtube channel. Brought to you by LetThemTalk language school in Paris (and sometimes London).

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rajesh m

Please put subtitles.
very difficult to catch your words
Entertainment Channel
I want a friend as well as a partner to enhance the fluency in English . Message me at my we chat id : imgud321
Itchy Balita
You are creative person your innovation demands a lot of appreciation 😍
Itchy Balita
You are the best
Belen Hernandez Benavente
Thank you very much for the lesson. The pause in the video is very kind of you. Terrific teacher 👏🤓
Robert Skolimowski
Hilarious delivery😆👍
Wali yar
Sir, the phrase put down alternative plonk down! Can I use it like this?
I had plonked down a few of the notes in my copy to learn later?
Rose Rosyland
All I know is that : I learn a lot from you, I'm in progress,I appreciate the way you teach,you act like a comedian to transmit your message, because teaching is an art and it is not a low hanging fruit in a requires energy, love and will.your spontaneity is the best ingredient to your rich are a perfect teacher.👍👍👍👍👩‍🎓
Fun + Education = LetThemTalkTV
ala k
Thanks amazing
Guillaume Romain
Absolutely brilliant
Paweł G
1:52 Shut up! I don't look like that.
So instead of asking Is it ok If I smoke? I should ask Would you let me inhale tobacco fumes?
Would that make me a native speaker?
Funny, 4:39 Zagreb Market Place..... I live in the neighbourhood
Giorgio Spignese
Just great
Marcos Antonio Alves Souza
Christian Geiselmann
Actually, presenting the expressions in their full, typical context is more helpful than showing them isolated (as in the list). So I rather will note down and memorize your sample sentences, not the isolated words.
LeRoiLa Reine
Are you Sir's twins? or not ? it is so nice to see you are very original Teacher by the Capital Letter T.; how many mistakes I have made in my comment?
Cheers from Toronto!
It's oo koo lay lay, just say'n. 😄
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Speak FLUENT (British) English Same but DIFFERENT: 15 ADVANCED and Intermediate 5 months ago   10:44

Here are some key expressions and phrases to help you speak fluent British English. Sometimes it's the small reflex words in conversation that are the most difficult. Anyone who has learnt a language will tell you that.

Here we give expressions for: Introductions, agreement, surprise, thanking, leaving and general small talk. This video is for all levels of English with some basic terms as well as some more advanced phrases, some formal expressions and some slang.

Intermediate and advanced English lessons with subtitles on our youtube channel. Brought to you by LetThemTalk language school in Paris.

We go deeper

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