Apoorva Mehta at Startup School The Indian Unicorn: Groupon Success 2 days ago   22:40

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Apoorva Mehta at Startup School NY 2014

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David Wisz
Does he mention stealing his contractors’ tips as a standard operating procedure?
Andréa S.
Hmmm. He worked on his ideas at work? Doesn't that mean that Amazon owns his ip?
Being Entrepreneur
Fucking Awesome ... Really !!!
zubair mushtaq
very very amazing as usual...😍😍
Best line of the video: "The reason to start a company shouldn't be to start a company, but should be to solve a problem which you truly truly care about"
Matheus Soldan
Santhosh Velaga
This was a hella good speech!!
Overcomer Idemudia
WoW! Very interesting.
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The Indian Unicorn: Groupon Success Apoorva Mehta at Startup School 2 days ago   1:46:47

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Ankur Warikoo is the Regional Head of APAC Emerging Markets (APAC-EC) comprising India, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. The APAC-EC region is part of the 48-country portfolio of Groupon Global spanning 250 million subscribers and over $5bn in annual sales. Ankur has been with Groupon since April 2011, when it entered India and is the CEO of the India Operations as well. Post his management degree from the IndianSchool of Business, Ankur was a Management Consultant with A.T. Kearney for 3 years. He worked in Delhi, Dubai and New York during this time. He Co-founded Accentium Web in 2007 along with 2 other batch-mates from ISB, while continuing with his role at A.T. Kearney. In 2009, he left Kearney to work on Accentium full-time. Accentium runs websites such as Secondshaadi.com, Gaadi.com, Taaza.com amongst others. After Accentium, Ankur joined Rocket Internet in 2011. As a Venture Partner, he helped setup the footprint for Rocket Investments in India such as Groupon and Jabong. Ankur holds a management degree from the Indian School of Business (Class of 2006) where he was awarded the Young Leader Award. He also holds a Masters degree in Physics from Michigan State University and holds a bachelor's degree from Hindu College, Delhi University.

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