Getting high in the Rockies! a girl in the wild - sweden 6 months ago   04:41

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The ultimate hike is at Cascade Falls in the Rocky Mountains!

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Michael Perez
"It's dripping all off my face and my nose!" If I've heard that once...
i love living in co man, good to see you got to experience the best part of our great state!! (hope you got some nice brews in you also man)
Gregg Bond
Confirmed, Mel is a Disney Princess.
Veronica Peiffer
Plural of moose is just "moose" I think. Great video!
Geoff Greapentrog
I'm pretty sure the plural for moose is pleeplemoose
Highlands Ranch Haunter
Just missed you up there Zane. Nice job showcasing our beautiful state!
Does Mel do the editing ?? It's WONDERFUL !! 👍👍
0:40 A bunch of white shit all in her hair lol
Lavender Rabbit
I guess you and the Mrs. are now members of the Mile High Club?
Wow, looks so damn beautiful up there!
Jay Pearson
Where did you stay when you were there? I like that location on the water.
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a girl in the wild - sweden Getting high in the Rockies! 6 months ago   07:24

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