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rachel rose diary
My year as an English teacher here in South Korea is over and the verdict is: not again.

I loved most of my coworkers and on average, the kids were wonderful! But what about when I was outside of the classroom...?

How were the teachers at my school treated?

How was the management?

Basically, if just one person had never made an appearance, my year would have been fantastic. But no, someone very specific had to ruin everything for everyone.

I was an English teacher in Seoul for a year, teaching kindergarten through elementary aged students. Classes ranged from "themes" like Ancient Egypt and physics to academy style classes, like phonics and grammar.

If you are interested in becoming an English teacher in South Korea, please check out the blacklist (google it) before agreeing to any school's offer. My school does not deserve to be on the blacklist, but under NO circumstances should you risk joining a school that has fallen to that level. Protect yourself.

From my experience, a lot of teachers here have "the grass is always greener" attitudes. I certainly did. And so did the other teachers who left my school thinking that they could find something better, only to feel, again, that the grass could be greener.

I do NOT want this to deter anyone from teaching!! Again, the kids and my coworkers were amazing!! If you want to be in Korea and teaching is the easiest way to get here, GO FOR IT!!!! Just make sure you define your standards (paid housing, etc) and do NOT settle if they can't meet those basic requirements, because someone else can.

Good luck to anyone coming to teach lol.

Part 2 will be coming soon, all about the kids and the funny/strange things they said and did!


For those who are new, I am American, and my boyfriend Andy is Korean. We met in 2016 while I was studying abroad in Seoul at Ewha Womans University, then embarked on a 2 year long distance relationship journey! We were reunited permanently in August 2018, and officially moved in together February 2019.

We are here to humbly share our lives with others - we hope you enjoy the journey 💕

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The grass is always greener....
- rachel

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rachel rose diary
If anyone can identify the Screaming Man at 10:43 you win Internet Human of the Day (hint: also has a YouTube channel)
T. S.
As much as it's uncomfortable to interact with someone who may (or may not) have a personality disorder, it's pretty inconsiderate to talk about persons with personality disorders so offensively. Whether your coworker had one or not - not for anyone but a licensed professional to decide - please take into consideration how offensive you may come off to those who have disorders. People do not choose to have mental health issues. Thank you for sharing your experience. :-)
Alli Jade
Can’t wait for more work tea videos!!!
I think my brother is working there now, should I be concerned? Lol
I personally don't think you should make a video about your coworker if he had a personality disorder. It's kinda rude and insensitive to talk about how "weird" he is when he had an entire disorder
Trevor Lowe
Why are you so pale
Robert T
What r u going to do now for work
YoshiPeach Mario
That's a lotta T
At first, I thought it was going to be boring, but you did a good job at storytelling. That was a lot of good information. And funny.
Kirsten Corbett
11.56 okay no what
Kirsten Corbett
Okay no

I am livid for all of you, or your past selves, or whatever. That is not okay. I am not sure if Korean companies, buildings, etc, have a HR but if there was one, I would have gone to them straight away. That is completely unacceptable. I get that in order to be a teacher, you have to get along with kids. I love kids. Hell, I teach kids music - and let me say, teaching violin is kind of soul-destroying since it is a difficult instrument - but god, you need your space from them too before your brain turns to absolute mush. And if you are required to work overtime, then you need to be payed for said extra hours. Benefits at the very least need to be tossed in.

It’s not like getting money for building something is all that difficult. Fund-raising could have been an option? We have over a here “student-teacher social nights” where there is a table quiz and you pay to compete and pay for raffle prizes. Not sure if that is a thing in Korea, but my school would raise at least €1,000 in one night.

Smh I am so pissed at this omg.
Kirsten Corbett
Okay once you mentioned him at first, I was like, “Well.... as someone who hates coffee and only relies on a kettle and tea bags... yes, I am in the same boat as him I guess 😅” until you mentioned the part of him having a personality disorder of some sorts and a shiver ran down my spine. I have a close friend with BPD (a bit of a co-dependency issue too might I add) and honestly, she is so nice... when she wants to be or when she is able to be(?) but sometimes, she makes me really uncomfortable and I often feel that I need to really distance myself from her every time I meet her for coffee. This even makes me feel guilty that I cannot be with her as much as I’d like to be, and vice versa. I have yet to hear you say the rest but I do know that sometimes, it can be hard to handle and I am so, so sorry you felt this way in your work environment 😭😭
Kirsten Corbett
To even think there is a blacklist of schools is kinda... !!! Oof yikes !!! But in all seriousness, and since I am not sure the ins and outs of applying to work at a school, is it likely to be placed in a blacklisted school? Statistically speaking I mean - are there many schools on this list? 🤔
Kirsten Corbett
OKAY BUT YES TEA!!! I have been in educational psychology and advanced harmony lectures up until now, so thus us perfect to unwind to!! 💖
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The Ultimate Guide to Teaching in Korea: The Tea is Ready: My Experience Teaching English 2 days ago   28:35

Phew! This video took me a while, but I'm happy to have it up! I answer all of your questions about teaching abroad here in Korea!! If you have a specific question please go here:
0:55 → How to Teach in Korea: EPIK, TaLK, Associates, Non-English Native, Recruiter, Solo?
9:30 → Requirements: TEFL? Cheap or expensive? Associates? Do You Need An Education Degree?
12:00 → How Much Money do I Need to Save/Bring?
12:37 → Hagwons vs. Public Schools
17:20 → How Much Do I Get Paid? Teaching University Payment?
18:00 → What Does it Come With? Flight, health insurance, apartment?
19:20 → Seoul vs. Rural vs. Other Cities → Benefits of Living in Othe Cities/Towns
20:00 → Co-Teachers? Good and Bad Ones?
23:00 → Saving Money? Paying for Student Loans?
25:00 → Vacation Time? How Does it Work?

If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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