The Messed Up REAL Story Of Aladdin 10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel 7 months ago   06:41

The disturbing true story of Disney's Aladdin.
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The Disney movie, “Aladdin” is full of colorful, funny characters singing catchy songs as they fly around on a magic carpet. It’s a high-flying tale of romance, magic, and adventure. But what’s the real story behind this classic folktale?

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding Disney’s remake of the animated story of “Aladdin.” But will Disney learn from the mistakes that they made in the past? This story has been around for centuries. But you will be astonished to learn how the story was created in the first place. It seems “Aladdin,” and all of the “Arabian Nights,” or “One Thousand and One Nights,” folktales were told as a desperate attempt to save the author’s life. We were able to uncover some pretty messed up facts about the real story of “Aladdin.” You’re not going to believe racist song lyrics Disney was forced to change after the animated film’s release.

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Disney are pedo and racist. I will never visit that place.
Joanna Grace
Thanks for ruining my childhood :)
4:00 it’s not racist, it’s true. Back in the Middle East you had one chance if you fucked it up they would either cut of your, tongue, ear, and some other crazy stuff
Imr Langst
Aya Muwaffaq
I don't know where you got your information but the story about Shahrazad and the king Shahriyar is just that....a story! It is part of the 1001 fairytales. They are made up characters. You are right though about the part where Shahrazad tells the story about Aladdin. If you read the book Shahrazad tells the king every night a new of them being the story of "Aladdin and the 40 thieves" the end the story about Aladdin is a story within another story :)
Mohamed Tarek
Well Aladdin was arab
Now he's Chinese, indian, turk, and Persian!!
Lol what else? European??
Maryam Hannah
noami scott
This was posted on my birthday lol
Soraya Mohebi
Roblox OOFER Gang
Are these stories real all of the 1001?
ahmed alam
Sheherzadi....NOT shaharzadi
hubby wifey
Aladdin a Chinese boy and the story happened in Arab world
Rip Jorgen
I don’t understand how people are still conflicted about where Princess Jasmine and Aladdin are from. They are very clearly ARAB!

1)The movie literally opens with the song ARABIAN nights.

2)The extras spoke in ARABIC.

3)The laws of Agrabah were written in ARABIC

4)The book about the cave of wonders was written in ARABIC

5)The story takes place in a DESERT

6)The original story is called 1001 ARABIAN nights

7)The costumes in this movie were how Arabs used to dress in the Pre Islamic era. Also not all Arabs are Muslim.
malak Tarek
That is not Aladdin that's ألف ليله و ليله and that is an Egyptian series and it is so old and it is not Chinese
Belinda Enata
Wait but y’all don’t even tell the story.

The only right thing from the story was that Aladdin was lazy. If you want a good video just watch Jon solo’s video he does his research
i swear you could drop a pen and people would think it’s racist
vitaly bilovitsky
Fuck tolerance.
Leen Zy
Omg shut up. This video is misleading
Alim Duta e mas
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10 Dark Secrets Hidden In Hotel The Messed Up REAL Story Of Aladdin 7 months ago   11:27

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We watched the trailer and sneak peek very closely, and we found some hidden secrets in the new movie that we can’t wait to share. We found some serious WTF bombshells, you guys. If you’re “Hotel Transylvania” fans, you’re mind is about to be fully blown. We found an easter egg in the “HT” puppy short from last year that revealed a big detail in “Hotel Transylvania 3.” And you’re not going to believe the reference we found to a major trilogy that we found in the trailer. Watch until the end to find out what it is.

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