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Disney's High School Musical seemed pretty straight forward. Most people assume that the mean rich girl Sharpay is the villain. But what if I told you that isn’t the case? Could there be someone else better suited for that title? Someone more spoiled, undeserving, and ungrateful? Scramble to your seats theorists! Class is now in session!


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Dark Kitty Chan {taken}
Dark Kitty Chan {taken}
U would not make a good Zac Efron because ur to good at wht u do now and in like wht u do
Cindy Mae Utleg
It makes so much sense though
Zayn Mitchell
You know who should've been Troy Bolton JUSTIN BIEBER
The One And Only KawaiiGoddess
Funny thing is, Sharpay was my FAVORITE character out of all of them. I basically hated the rest as a kid.
Flatly Flooty
Omg this is real beacouse MatPat didn’t get the part
Brooke Sutherland
I'm a very big theater kid so this is everything to me 2:58
Vyvienne Simpson
7:56 mr beast in bottom right anyone ?
Everything w/ Selin
Get Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Ashley Tisdale to watch this!
Mabel Ariel
pls do heathers plus mean girls
👌🏻👁👄👁👌🏻 Hamilton
Hannah Perry
Eh. I never liked high school musical that much anyway.
Cardinal Nova
Now with the parents paying to get their kids into college the “how much did his dad have to pay” joke did not age well 😂
Get back here before you steel More salt
you made me cry
Abigail Clark
As a theater kid in high school myself, I used to sympathize with Sharpay when I watched these movies, especially the first one. I probably would have been equally as ticked off if two kids who didn't even care about theater got the lead roles just because they were attractive and popular. But I never actually realized how horrible Troy was until this video haha he's the worst!
Glitter Unicorn
Welp time to go watch high school musical for the first time ever
Luxurycharge why am i doing this lol
2:55 is that you?
pigplayzgamez YT
Troy does coke
Gabriella Motyka
1:26 omygodomygodomygodomygod
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Film Theory: How Batman BEATS Film Theory: Disney LIED 10 months ago   13:45

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