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Disney's High School Musical seemed pretty straight forward. Most people assume that the mean rich girl Sharpay is the villain. But what if I told you that isn’t the case? Could there be someone else better suited for that title? Someone more spoiled, undeserving, and ungrateful? Scramble to your seats theorists! Class is now in session!


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GamerJay 72
I’ve never actually watched high school musical, but it’s hella weird to see MY high school in a yt vid. It’s easy high, that this was filmed at.
AG CookieStudios
Planet Gamer
You may be the same but they need a ATHLETIC PERSON which you are not
F14 tomcat That’s a secret
The main problem the stupid hat
Savage Waffle
at 4:10 , i think the poster for hsm 1 has matpats face
Cailee Martillo
0:18 no offense but matthew completey rocked those hairstyles
Silver drawing flowers
Snafu Maniac
Okay but when u think about it Ryan isn't the bad guy either. I mean if u haven't forgotten Sharpay did the same thing to him that he did to her first when she told him that he wouldn't be performing with for the talent show (something that the had been doing since they were very young as far as the awards go). I'm not saying Sharpay is the bad guy in some way cause I completely agree with the video. I mean come her and Ryan who had basically ran the drama club since freshmen year suddenly got booted down by some newbies? So not cool. But I don't agree with the view about Ryan who was basically there for Sharpay all the time and at the end of the first movie he was just as much of a fair sportsmen as her and even told Zeke great game and was the very reason Sharpay even tried his cookies. And then in the second movie she suddenly drops her little brother, who's always been there for a guy she likes and then comes back to him when said guy bales on her. And after that he still ends up mending things with her. The rest of the video spot on, I just don't agree with the aspect that Ryan's a bad guy
Glennelle Cabatuan
Slowly Starting to Hate on you for Ruining all of my Childhood XD
Icia Amicka Panda
troy is troy
Sung Cho
Excuse me? You are FILM THEORY! Not musical theory...
Emily Hardy
I remember seeing this like three years ago ad not watching it cause I hadn't seen it back then. I feel soooo old
Batlover Sings
Matpat just exposed all us theatre kids
I watch this once every couple months and feel really bad for my girl
Amethyst Gacha
I’d rather see mattpat as Troy then zac Enron
Lol i was thinking that the brother in the first shot was wearing A underpants as hat hahahahaha
Vinny Bin
“Oh no! there gonna put me to shame with their *BOX STEPS”*
*me as a theatre kid, can confirm*
Avery’s Wondrous World
MatPat: “I’m gonna go do some crunches!”

Jen Walker
pakter nikolina
matpat your very good at theoryes
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