Crocodile resting at Black Point Crocodile steals shark from 2 days ago   01:19

I called the Wildlife protection department about the fishing line by the crocodile's jaw.

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Crocodile steals shark from Crocodile resting at Black Point 2 days ago   06:44

Cobourg Peninsular, Northern Territory, Australia. South Pacific Hunter's Clients were taking a break from hunting and doing a little shark fishing. Meanwhile a local crocodile was also taking a break from its normal food gathering routine by eyeing up the activities on shore. Luckily, South Pacific Hunter's boss David Musgrave had recognised the danger, and positioned himself on a good vantage point above the hunters so as to be able to keep an eye on proceedings. Just as well for who knows what may have happened. For those travelling to Australia's top end beware. These crocodiles show no fear.
This footage is as it happened and unedited. Please note this footage is the property of South Pacific Hunters and may only be used with my consent.

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