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The Most Insane Military Training | 19 People Who Were Incredibly Lucky - At Up-Tube.com

The Most Insane Military Training 19 People Who Were Incredibly Lucky 2 days ago   10:02

It is hard to deny that being a soldier is difficult. Ordinary military personnel is subjected to incredible physical stress, psychological pressure and strict discipline. Not to mention elite units used by the armies of different countries to carry out classified and challenging operations. Today we will tell you about the most insane training that the military has to go through all over the world.

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aileen manalo
Better to cook
chocolate gaming
the last part is philipines not thailand
Fawaz Pc Fawaz
indian army👍👍
Daniel Aceron
You said thailand? No thats in the philippines.
Praveen Patil
Search about Indian para force training I won't tell anything because that much of hard it is
Kevin Rambon
That last part was Filipino's
Fuck how
9:10 thats not a thai soldiers its a phil. Soldier😊 wtf this is non sense information you deliver a wrong news.
puja sahney
What about INDIA
Akash Raj
India man
Muhammad Tahir
Why not Pakistan?
Theophilus Johnson
Taiwan hell no😂😂
Top top
That is some serious training
pujan adhikari
you missed gurkha army
Kamalaja Athauda
You have missed the Special forces of Sri Lanka.They were the ones who got the leadership to won the 30 years war between government and LTTE terrorists.One army SF can destroy a whole terra camp without any gun. That was how their training and skills.
terrence mbanya
Where is Africa
Alpha maxx
Is not thailand teach the United state its the Philippines
Yuri echegaray
Ryan Mullins
ass head.. the navy has SAILORS, soldiers are from the army. 2 different branches. an army soldier can't become a navy seal. he would have to leave the army and reclassify , starting over in the navy
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19 People Who Were Incredibly Lucky The Most Insane Military Training 2 days ago   02:17

All of life is peaks and valleys... But there are some pretty lucky people who experience situations out of the ordinary. In films, if you want to be fantastically lucky, you need to use magic or drink a potion... However, here are some lucky and very real people .