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How Would A Stanley Cup Change San Jose? | W5: The Rise And Fall Of A Stanley Cup Champion - At Up-Tube.com

How would a Stanley Cup change San Jose? W5: The rise and fall of a Stanley Cup champion 1 day ago   15:27

Brodie Brazil
Everyone wants the Sharks to win a Cup. But how would San Jose be different, if they did? Here are some thoughts including guest appearances by Randy Hahn, Jamie Baker and Dan Rusanowsky.

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Fritz Jewett
I hope they can do it been Sharks fan for a long time they deserve it! LETS GO SHARKS!!!
If the Sharks won the cup. It would change hockey in Northern California forever. Just like when Wayne Gretzky got traded to the LA Kings it changed hockey in the whole state of California and in non traditional hockey market states like Arizona Nashville and Las Vegas(no I'm not comparing anyone to Gretzky I'm just comparing to what kind of impact it would have) And all of us fans who have been here through it all ,the heartbreaks, the tears, the sweat, and the blood and still stuck by our team will have this wonderful historic moment to share and pass down to the younger generations and we won't have that "yeah... but you still dont have a Cup" hanging over our heads. Here's to the Sharks! Let the stars align in our favor to win this year! GO SHARKS 🦈🦈🦈 #WINFORPAVS #WINFORJUMBO #Wearethe5thline
In Between
I hate San Jose fans. I'm a Golden Knights fan, and they were procrastinating 8 year old fans. Also, one of our fans that was walking out of the bathroom got pushed down. He had a broken leg.
I'm sorry Sharks fans, but that's just despicable.
We're winning 3-2. If we win this game, you're out.
Their legacy of failure will finally be broken.
Sure would boost ticket sales
Well they aren’t if they keep losing lmao
They are not going to win, not this year.
Love the sharks
As a Leafs fan I'm never going to see my hometown team win the Stanley Cup so I'm forced to cheer and root for an external team in the SJ Sharks. Since the Leafs will never win the Stanley Cup my next best option would be to see the Sharks win the Stanley Cup instead. It's better to be a Sharks fan than a Leafs fan. Being a Leafs fan is a miserable, stressful, frustrating and awful experience.
San Jose will win the Stanley Cup before the Toronto Maple Leafs do.
San Jose is the only California based team to never win the Stanley Cup. Their neighbours in the LA Kings and Anaheim Ducks already won the Stanley Cup.
jarred marques
I hope Thorton can get his name on that cup. nothing would make me happier at this point
As a long suffering Capitals fan I can tell you that life after winning the cup is pretty sweet. Im rooting for Jumbo and company to hoist it, long overdue
No way Jose
Steve Cropper
Great video Brodie!
I think it's tough to say with regards to growth. In 2016, the Sharks won the Western Conference but were more or less overshadowed by the Warriors having an historic regular season trying to win their second consecutive championship. While I don't think it should be a zero sum game with different sports, it is tough when the national sports media in the US covers the NBA 100x more than the NHL. Unfortunately, the Sharks first Stanley Cup Final game was on the same day as the Warriors playing game 7 of their Western Conference Finals. Plus, it's tough when you're seeing a bunch of empty seats on TV for Sharks playoff games. If I'm being honest, I think the Bay Area media would talk about the Sharks for about a week before moving on to Kevin Durant free agency news and 49ers and Raiders training camps. I really wish it weren't that way, but I believe it to be true.
I think one thing that would change is being in hockey circles especially with fans of other teams. The Sharks are one of the most successful NHL franchises since the day they arrived, but there's always been that "Yeah, but..." hanging over them. No matter what accomplishments you try to name, people always come back with the "Yeah, but...". There really is no response to that. That would really be a huge weight off our shoulders to not have to deal with that anymore.
Let’s hope we find out just awesome it would be this summer!! 🦈🦈🦈🏒🥅
Let’s make it happen!!! I LOVED going to a hockey game in June. THIS IS OUR YEAR!!! 🦈🦈🦈🏒🥅
Above Royalty
Oh man that was hilarious when you trapped yourself talking about super bowl babies!! LOL
Above Royalty
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W5: The rise and fall of a Stanley Cup champion How would a Stanley Cup change San Jose? 1 day ago   18:29

He was living the dream as a top NHL draft pick, a Stanley Cup winner, and a multi-millionaire. TSN's Rick Westhead and former NHLer Trevor Kidd search for Joe Murphy and unravel his story of pain, homelessness, and mental illness.

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