Why BUY a 2018 MUSTANG Ecoboost instead 2018 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2018 7 months ago   15:06

2018 ECOBOOST Mustang REVIEWED by a V8 OWNER (2018 GT)
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Global Shockz
It's funny that everyone has to judge everyone on what they buy. If they want a V8, they'll eventually get one, if they want the EcoBoost, they'll get that. Stop caring about what other people get. They'll buy what THEY want.
John Drake
I am sure Chevy is watching this. I can imagine Chevy killing off all of their bread-and-butter passenger cars and doing a lot with the Camaro and the now Ferrari-esque Corvette.
John Drake
Every TV hero should be driving a Mustang. Just saying.
John Drake
Those first few seconds .... DOPE!
Tyrone Watermelon
8:01 - reason why v8 is better than a v4
Chase Phillips
I’m gonna say this again why do people buy automatic sports cars they’re useless and in reality cost twice as much to tune and make more hp! There’s nothing wrong with a 4 cylinder sports car no matter the brand the only thing that annoys me the most is automatic sports cars!
The Dopamine Shot
That ecoboost sounds like my lawn equipment 🤦🏽‍♂️
Carlos Perez
Wings brought me here.
Richard Quiles
The ecoboost sounds like complete dog shit
Kevin McKnight
Just purchased a 2018 "Orange Fury" Ecoboost Mustang Convertible in July It's a really cool car! At 55yrs old, this is my 4th Mustang (my first car in 1983 was a '71 Mustang Conv. I also bought a new '99 Mustang GT before purchasing the 1970 in 2006) I presently own a 1970 Coupe with 450hp. But this turbo is nothing to laugh at. I do miss the exhaust rumbling. But a turbocharged convertible? NICE!!! Thanks for the video - I'm here in Pittsburgh, PA so I'm not looking forward to the snow either.
They fucked up with the ecoboost imo. If you buy a mustang get the V8, but for those who still want an inline 4 in a mustang ford should’ve used a crossplane 4 cylinder like this baby here:
https://up-tube.com/upvideo/xXadtaxNQU4 ❤️
Track Soulja DV
Great video!
Blacc Hollywoodd
Aye Phoenixville
Daniel Garcia
Don’t waste your money on a 4I you will regret it, I have a 2019 Camaro SS best investment I hated the 4I turbo Camaro. Be the big dog of Mustangs
Fiveo waf
Being from the UK originally the Ecoboost intrigues me with 310hp when I think how excited people were about the Cosworth Sierra with just over 200hp and about 227hp in it's most powerful stock form and the prices they go for now. It's a lot of car for the money in a low mile lightly used example for under $20k for a fun everyday driver. Sure there are lots of faster and fancier models in the Mustang line, but they wouldn't be everyday cars at a relatively cheap price, for me at least, so I don't see them competing directly.
Yo Mama
Lol people are so stupid a tuned ecoboost with the right set up will kill a GT or scatpack in the quarter mile. Higher top end speeds sure ecoboost can’t do much but neither can the GT these are made to race from the dig in a quarter mile plain and simple.
The GT sound is soooooo much better, eco boost sounds so lame compared. That’s why I’m gon buy a gt no doubt
I'm debating on getting a EcoBoost Mustang. I drive a 1.5 Fusion and need something more exciting but I know I want a V8 in the end but can't afford the V8.
3:30 bruh sound effect 2
sebastian Martinez
I own the ecoboost but when I turn 21 I’m hoping to get the 2020 Shelby gt500 god I love that car
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2018 Ford Mustang GT vs. 2018 Why BUY a 2018 MUSTANG Ecoboost instead 7 months ago   16:46

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