Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET 2 months ago   11:46

The Seattle Seahawks take on the Dallas Cowboys during Wild Card Weekend of the 2018 NFL Post Season.

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jesse Talbott
Officials seriously need to stop determining the outcome of these games bro. Coaches should be allowed to challenge penalties. Way too many bullshit penalties in the NFL game nowadays. Let these guys have a fair game.
Isaac Moreno-Doing
Seattle Sucks
Isaac Moreno-Doing
Go Dallas And Boo Seattle!
Luis Robles De Jesus
I m goy for the rams
Luis Robles De Jesus
I not goy for the cowboys
the 2.7 dislikes are cry baby seacock fans.
The Light Knight
Dirty tackling Seahawks, glad they lost
Robert Ddd
Adam Tait
cant believe my friends called it luck
unluckyspeeder !
Onside kick so bad its impressive
Mr. Big Chest
Thank you for dealing with our division rival
Matthew Bexell
Good Job Cowboys, you suck, and you will continue to suck..
Dai'Mond Harvey
Let's go
1 like = 1 prayer to my screen that I will punch
__ Draccco
that QB draw was incredible
escanor _
Is the game new?
Luis Matamoros
0:32 this is probably why we fired the OC why is it a WR screen on 3&10 ?
Winning this game probably hurts Dallas in the long run bc Jerry will inevitably use it as his excuse to keep Garrett for the next few years and thus more seasons where they’re not good enough to contend but not bad enough to do a rebuild.
Dylan Leach
7:05 why couldnt we do that against the rams
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The Game the NFL Wants YOU TO FORGET Seahawks vs. Cowboys Wild Card 2 months ago   09:11

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