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Sml Jackie Chu's Family!! (Puppet | Sml Movie: Gravity! - At Up-Tube.com

SML JACKIE CHU'S FAMILY!! (PUPPET SML Movie: Gravity! 2 days ago   10:19

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Gãcha Åłëx Lol
The witch is gonna be a nanny I know it
Green DragonXP
Tell Logan to do Jackie coues family
Brandy Stack
5:54 look at his hand
Galaxy Wolf
Logan you should play Jackie Chu's wife.
Savio Nguyen
Code With a K
Sml idea: The New Neighbor! *use Kyle as the neighbor*
Junior, Joseph, and Cody are watching TV and someone knocks on the door. Junior answers it. Its Kyle the new neighbor. Kyle says hes the new neighbor and asks him if he wants to play junior says sure and he brings his friends with him. Junior meets Kyle's family and they are really weird and creepy. So they hang out for a little bit and they play old games. Then Junior and his friends get creeped out cause the family is fighting and laughing weirdly. So they say they got to go its time for supper. And Kyle says they should eat supper with him they dicline politely and after some arguing they say sure. Then they eat and 2 minutes later Junior and his friends pass out cause the food was poisoned. They wake up and then there is a bunch of dead bodies around they scream and they are tied up Joseph is then taken up to a table with a electric saw the dad saws Joseph In half and then the dad comes for cody and then cody starts getting cut but then the dad Is shot and the rest of the family is taken away and the police take junior and cody home and that is the end.
Nathan Mohr
4:15 that sounds like goodman af
TRX Bush
SML idea:

chef pi pis kids return
Alma Rosa
The two head kid should be a siamese
Breifsupercool 124
Sml idea junior steals Jackie chu eggroll
Ssddd Ddgdfh
Were is the sml movie?????
Ssddd Ddgdfh
Pokemon part 7
Ssddd Ddgdfh
SML IDEA: The transformation

You should make a long vid about cody or someone making a portal were everyone changes and so u can start using junior puppet,bowser puppet and the new stuff
Matt The Cat
Where's my bottle made it in the final
Bobby Canavan
Lol have Goodman's Whole family sound the same
Only one problem

They don’t speak Chinese
Matthew Cardenas
The Video should be Jackie brings his family members and every one makes fun of them And the family comes to juniors house and talk about them self and Junior has a crush on Jackie's Daughter And the End
SuperMegaPlushAdventures SMPA
I might have commented this and if I did I'm sorry, but this was uploaded on my 13th birthday. I'm pretty happy about that...
Serenity Queen
Jeffys nanny
Momo Magliozzi
if its goodmans daughter should have a mustache
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SML Movie: Gravity! SML JACKIE CHU'S FAMILY!! (PUPPET 2 days ago   13:08

Bowser Junior realizes there is gravity.