Rob Gronkowski Got Hit in the Head with a Can of Beer Tom Brady Chugs A Beer In One Gulp 2 days ago   05:30

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Rob Gronkowski talks about winning another Super Bowl with the New England Patriots, getting pelted with gifts from fans during the celebratory parade and possible Hollywood plans after football.

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Rob Gronkowski Got Hit in the Head with a Can of Beer During the Super Bowl Parade


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We love you man here in Boston ... for ever
You know who caught and drank EVERY BEER thrown at them!? The eagles during last years parade, not one beer taken to the face that day. 🖕😁🖕
DOB_Bloody - Fortnite
and we still wonder how he gets hurt so much
Arne Hovind
Fallon is so fake.
Reid C
Rob and Tom have a hilarious chemistry.
Jase B
You're 29, several years left in you Gronk. Don't give it up.
Darius Manigo
Did anyone catch he said getting ready for next season? Let's go Patriots 2020!!!!!
Tyrone Shoelaces
An organization like no other. Every player on the Patriots always talks about the TEAM, instead of other NFL players who most of the time are talking about themselves. The Pats players genuinely adhere to the team-work philosophy, and they prove that one player cannot win a game by himself, it has to be a team effort. Something that everyone should look up to. Blessed to have been born in Boston
Z - Tube
goodbye Gronky lol I’ll miss ya from da pats I’m really sad
Jason Cagle
Gronk is a cheater cut his fucking head off
Taylor Matthews
He's not gonna retire not this year
Coy Brooks
Now i wanna karate kick some beer
Dixon Smith
Great catch he won the game.
Jeremy Stock
Gronk still digging deep to find the heart of a champion!!! #LetsGoooooooo
Daisy Nomura
Don't do it Gronk, Hollywood is evil !!!
Matthew Davis
Gronk, please follow the TB12 Method and come back for us next year.
Gronky! 😅🔥🔥
T Marion
Folks, just go to Chicago and Suburbs? You will see some FABULOUS GRONKOWSKI types making great plays all over the place? I often wondered why they were never discovered... until just now that is? What I came across was that too many of them didn't value education with the intensity they should have, so those Huge Gronkowski types wasted their lives away working in Machine Shops, Printing places and in other Manufacturing jobs throughout the Country!!

I remember one incident, (I was there,) when a gang around Kedzie and North Avenue in Chicago, when a few of their members were disrespectful of Sl-----ski, who the next day walked into their Hangout headquarters in a storefront and bellowed out: "Where is Go---, where is Hern------ and where is Ju--?" Not a word from all the guys there! F-----, who was 6' 4" and about 270 lbs. and was as intimidating as anybody could be, just stared at all of them when he echoed out those words!! That guy had a mean streak in him and I never saw him nervous all the years I knew him! F---- could have been a superstar like so many others, but College and University were not words in their vocabularies, and only Work and Money was thought of between the EARS? If F---- could have offered only half the energy modern Ballplayers exude these days, he would have been thought of in the same vein as Gronk! Others too, but they weren't obsessed with Money and Fame like many modern-day athletes are, so they missed out? But who really missed-out was the Public, as they would have seen some terrific stuff on the Ball Fields!! And, I knew people from other Ethnic Groups who were outstanding too, so it is not only the Gronk type I am speaking of, but all the other near Greats and Potentially great Athletes too! But it is Gronk we are talking about here, so it must be said that many of His Group Brothers and Sisters had the talent or potential to do GREAT things, and I will always respect them until my final day arrives? Dzien Dobre to all....

This remembrance goes-out to all the street Talent out there who never knocked on doors as they should have, and who might have had Glorious futures if they had someone to advise them? Just look at Gronk and you will see the same features, (Even more rugged) I saw throughout my Childhood in Chicago decades ago!! Those people just were not given enough encouragement and advice to make it to a higher level!! I hope they are doing well!! May the next generation bring-out the intensity to further their educations and refine their Athletic talents to the highest degree possible? My best wishes go out to them...TWA...
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Tom Brady Chugs A Beer In One Gulp Rob Gronkowski Got Hit in the Head with a Can of Beer 2 days ago   03:33

'The TB12 Method' author Tom Brady gives in to Colbert's ribbing and eats a strawberry for the first time in his life, then washes it down with a (full) cold beer.

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