Chris vs Kristoffersen - GS Performance Analysis Coaches ski clinic, Foot to foot 2 days ago   05:56

Here is a short Performance Analysis of a junior ski racer using Vegas Movie Studio 15.0 Platinum. As a reference we have no less than one of the best WC skiers ever, Henrik Kristoffersen.

The aim here is not to point out flaws and mistakes but instead look for differences and similarities. The best thing to do is to compare to the best there is. That's when video and some editing skills comes in handy. Many use The Coach’s Eye and I do it also but somehow I find the Movie Studio Platinum easier to work with and for what I do anyway.

Disclaimer. Let me point out the obvious first. Chris is here in this video using a SL helmet with a shin guard not allowed in GS. He was trying out GS skis for the first time and he only had a SL helmet. This will not happen again.

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reg. Tom

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Jager's 4xFORD
Love the side by side, great job... One thing I see allot of athletes do and I encourage them to experiment with is, forcing the outside arm through the turn, rather then leaving it in trail. Ligity was great at this and made history doing it. The other factor that has made headway is reducing the amount of counter seen at the apex. Maintaining lead, but not facing outside the turn to the point of winding them up. Thank you.
mike d.
Super Job! lots of work went into this and it shows. What I see when Chris is different from Kristoffersn at the gate Kristoffersen has a counter which is actually his shoulders hips, knees, boots&skis lined up (stacked, if you put three lines through the shoulders, hips and boots they would all match up) which is more powerful than what Chris is doing in that he is actually rotating a little bit with his upper body a slightly weaker position. Just something Chris can learn and improve on Chris is a really hot racer great job to Chris and to you dad.
Northern Guy
Excellent video. Chris has all the components, but is a little more static in his delivery. He undercommits and/or overuses pivoting, thereby rushing the initiation phase, and requiring him to hold his turn little longer past the gate/fall line. The stronger and longer the initiation, the shorter the turn phase, the earlier the pressure release, and the longer the glide/pivot phase. Pressure beyond the fall line is braking, pressure prior an accelerator. Ted Ligety demonstrates:
Tous Ensemble
hello I have new remark at 4:07
I agree with you when you compare Krist vs Chris. You see counter ok. Krist does counter. Chris no.
And you say : "counter helps push your hips into the turn while balancing over our outside ski".
I don't have same idea about the role of counter.
First, "balance over outside ski" is rather linked with angulation instead of counter. More angulation more pressure on the outside ski.
Second for me counter is the result of the TORSION of your body at apex. At apex you use this torsion and also the dissociation of all segments for a solid pressure on your skis.
So Krist does this. Chris doesn't do :)
And now, Kristofferson is the GS Worldchampion
Александр Муниров
Compared to Christophersen, only Hirscher is well done. And Chris still needs to work on his technique. The main problem, in my opinion, is the lack of vertical work. Because of this, ski loading is insufficient and it is difficult to make a clean turn.
Tous Ensemble
Very good imho !
@ 5:14 you say "very similar except thay Chris drives his knees into the turn for higher edge angles".
Very important point : at that point Kristoffersen is PREPARING the following apex with inclination instead of knees action. While Chris uses unfortunely his knees too early (in french we say "dissociation pluri-segmentaire"). The result will be MORE edge angles for Kristoffersen LATER at apex.
Rhys Trudeau
wait why is he wearing a chin guard in GS???
Rasmus Windingstad
Again, keep going! I know there are a lot of experts around these comment sections but keep going and keep smiling. I would although take another look at the so called crossover you guys are working on, from apex and out your goal is to bring as much speed out of the turn. This crossover will kill any momentum and is a way of keeping the speed down, sometimes good, but also one of the reasons some wc SL racers was winning 5 years ago, but aren’t anymore! Good luck!
the hip position is different.
Love these sorts of break downs. Very informative. Thank you.
Bill Armatage
And thank you for the analysis! Excellent!
Peter Coleman
The song in the beginning, Castleshire if I'm correct, sounds a whole lot like Leo kottke's vaseline machine gun. Also, nice analysis.
David Kirkpatrick
Excellent production. Great to get views like this. More.....
Costantino Lenzi
I don't understand if traslation extension start from outside ski new inside or from inside ski..i thinked outside..but here in video they pull up outside ski
Miltiadis Cheimonidis
Just bravo triggerboy62, you make a perfect job! Thank you...
Henrik Kryger Pallesen
Really good analysis. Feeling enlightened 😁
Trolle Bulle
Very talented skier :)
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