Flood management in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian Villages Swamped By Floods 2 days ago   06:25

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In 2014 the Vrbas River in Bosnia and Herzegovina overflowed its banks after heavy rains, leaving twenty people dead. Climate change is making such extreme weather more likely. That is why the country is investing in flood protection.
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Mohammed Khushnood
May Allah protect Bosnian people. Ameen. Love from Pakistan
poor nation, got raped by NATO force, now got hit by flood
Why they didn't built check dams and use water for dry season and control flood also in rainy season .. ?? 🙄🙄
The only successful means to flood control is Buy Outs. You will never control floods without a floodplain. You have to move people out of the floodplain land. Anything else is a bandaid.
Anurag Kumar
Read about these cities in my history class.
Esteban Dido
If Bosnia need to fix as problem of too much water. Ask Australian politicians how to dry the rivers .
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Bosnian Villages Swamped By Floods Flood management in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2 days ago   01:18

Torrential rains have led to widespread flooding in northern Bosnia-Herzegovina prompting authorities to introduce emergency measures.
Originally published at - https://www.rferl.org/a/bosnian-villages-swamped-by-floods/29941914.html