Greymouth Motorcycle Street Race JoKeR Racing VLOG 6 family 2 months ago   08:53

Bismarck Mauser
Awesome race!!
I've got photos for most of the riders. If you want your photos, please give me your bike number and email address. I can send it to you. Cheers :)

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Night Rider
Grant Madden
Thanks for posting this.Great stuff!!
P Kuudsk
I wish every city had that open view of riding motorcycles,to hold a event like that.
Mady Python
Thank you.
It was good presentation. Thanks to the event. 
Yours sincerely.
Rubén Darío Olaya Silva
3:13 is that a harley??
Ryan Germain
Same :D
Ryan Germain
X;:::;D loool you see the police car Baby sitting the Racers loooool 2:58
fuck china
Whats wit that gay car hahahaha
This is so awesome. I wish this was in my town!
mario ramirez
I c a blue kawasaki 636 , I have a green one lol m lmao at the dirtbike , nice try though ride safe
Bismarck Mauser
normally in October every year
when is this?
20 bikes pass followed by the car lol
Bismarck Mauser
do you even ride a bike?
Dominic Yip
soooooooooo slow you call this a race? but good vid nonetheless i guess..
Bismarck Mauser
@supersal001 Good. You appreciate my work :D
Salvador G
The car at the end made me smile every time it passed, idk why. its funny how the scene only cuts off after it passes by. XD
@psw1994 if you like this kind of racing look for wanganui cemetery circuit here on you tube faster racing than this
Bismarck Mauser
@kontaktseistrup 50kph?
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JoKeR Racing VLOG 6 family Greymouth Motorcycle Street Race 2 months ago   03:19

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