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The Art Of Focus – A Crucial Ability | Christina | 3 Reasons You Aren’T Doing What - At Up-Tube.com

The art of focus – a crucial ability | Christina 3 reasons you aren’t doing what 5 months ago   15:14

TEDx Talks
How do you bring out the best in yourself? According to Christina Bengtsson –
Swedish world champion in precision shooting – the answer lies in the word
“focus”. It is a phenomenon she has spent her whole career exploring and she warns us that part of the next generation may not possess this ability. Currently, our intense society keeps vying for our attention via media and technology and this is distracting us from breaking personal records. In this talk, Christina teaches us how to stay present and shares her captivating story of literally going from zero to hero by using the power of focus.

Christina Bengtsson is a world class athlete, author, lecturer, entrepreneur, and
military officer in the Swedish Armed Forces. Her book ”The art of focus – 10,9” gives us tangible advice on how to control our thoughts and stay focused in both our professional and personal life.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

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Alex James
She has a good point
gyana dash
Linera Y
This is like the best speech I've ever heard
Sushanth Bobby
Nice 1:08, 6:41
11 : 11
I created a new playlist and named it "Me" and saved all inspiring videos .. without watching and I kept doing that. Today as I skipped going to library. Decided to watch..
As she said we only thinking about future and not working on today's work. As Buddha said without worrying about future and thinking about past, focus on this moment nd work!!!
فارس الشهراني
This TEDTalk needs focus actually
Christina Simpson
She really put things in perspective for me. That was so interesting and needed
quynh nguyen thi
I adore this speech. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Now, I am struggling with my studying and my work. I spend hours on thinking every day. I think about my future and my life and the list goes on. But, I realised that I didn't pay my attention at present what I must do now..
After watching her talk I made a change. Just setting my sights on what I must do now, not think anymore.
Love her.
Wish all best things to her and people.
Mithilesh Kuncham
People who have that level of Focus ... Doesn't talk about it .. Especially, they don't talk like her ... Because its hard to .. Practiced FOCUS is not really a Focus .. Its a more of a Deep Learning model you Brain constructed to do certain repititative tasks at much faster pace in the name of optimisation ..

That said, kudos to her for touching few critical aspects of achieving Focus ..
Urban Airbender
Her voice make me to focus on this whole video... ❤️
عبيق السَفر
I think the concept she is trying to explain is called being present in the moment in mindfulness
Max Sekletsov
1. Our mind is constantly generating disturbing thoughts of us being not good enough, not worthy
2. Instead of working on what we already know, we're constantly focused on what we will achieve
3. We're frustrated for not having time

Focus is simply choosing the right thought among of thousands of thoughts
We need to learn to distinguish disturbing thoughts from not disturbing thoughts and this alone is enough to perform at the capacity we already possess.

Because we're constantly focused on the future, we can't focus on the process and the work that needs to be done. Focus is simply functioning on our current best.

The more possibilities, the more there is to refrain from. We need to focus on our strengths. The opposite of focus is distraction. Remove the distraction and you will achieve focus. Make not-to-do list.

Short term focus is not real focus. Learn how to focus long term without constantly getting additional feedback and instant gratification.
Zmart Kooky
I'm in love
Alex Ciarlo
So good
Captain Coulter Stevens Is Dead
I like her voice
Shreyas Gokhale
Good talk. What she says is helpful indeed, BUT her presentation skills need to be improved. Firstly, she appears to talk like a robot with too many unnecessary pauses between words. Second, you really don't need to make gestures for every single sentence. Those gestures were making me lose my focus because I was focussing more on what gestures she makes for what she says rather than what she says! I had to replay parts of this to really focus on what she is saying.
What spiritual teachers have tried to tell us for thousands of years.
Arif Benfaid
Hat off Christina Bengtsson! v interesting talk,,,, priceless speech.
Is your dady
She is amazing
Suraj Shinde
I love the voice and calmness...
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3 reasons you aren’t doing what The art of focus – a crucial ability | Christina 5 months ago   16:51

Amanda explores how to move beyond mindset-driven defensive failure and into productive failure to succeed at the problems you struggle with the most. Amanda Crowell is a cognitive psychologist, university professor at the Hunter College School of Education, speaker and coach. Dr. Crowell works with teachers, therapists, and mission-driven entrepreneurs to clear away mindset blocks and move into action. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

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