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Brooklyn and Bailey
You wanna know Baylor's MOST FUN Freshman tradition??? Running the Baylor Line! Watch us storm the football field with 1000's of other students (Baylor Bears) before or final football game! Who wants to do this in college?

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One of most popular traditions at Baylor University has to be “Running the Line.” If you are a freshman, you are given a Line Jersey with your name on it and have the opportunity to run across the football field prior to each home football game, just before the team runs out. Guys, IT IS SO INTENSE!

Brooklyn ended up dropping her phone the first time she ran! People are just moving SO FAST that you really don't have any time to think! Once you’re out on the field, you line up along both sides of the tunnel to scream and cheer on the football players as they run out. It’s just like a huge mob pit of college kids all scrunched up together super close, 😂 which sounds kind of terrible, but when you’re in it it’s just SO MUCH FUN!

After running the line, it’s time to compete for a good seat to watch the game! After the team runs out, everyone who ran the line darts to the stands to try & get front row seats. We ended up right on the 50-yard line! (We played our rival, TCU, and it was a good game! We ended up not winning, but still had a great time.)

We love that Baylor has so much school spirit, and couldn't be happier with our choice to attend!

What is your favorite sport to watch?? Comment below!

💋's -Bailey

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Brooklyn and Bailey
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Jennyy 1234
Do you guys plan on partying during college🔥
Baylor Bears National Champions 2020
Love that tradition you guys have created. The best in the country.
sin sin
Orlyn Quiroz
Hey i went to the baylor game on nov 5 2019 tusday My school my is brook avenue elementary in i am and 4th can you come plz waco school do you go to the games baylor basketball gamem it fun
Megan Ja
Baylor's getting some rly nice advertising from them
Love y'all
You are the best
Anna Tate
My cousin goes to Baylor
Mac Scroggins
ou is about to work y’all...
Jessie Goss
That was powerful looked like to me. So many people. Great video ladies.
ahh im applying to BU rn and im so nervous haha but the Baylor line was one of the things that drew me in, it looks like so much fun
Anneke M
My cousin goes to Baylor rn
Itss JoyBoy
It’s like I stepped in the same spot that Brooklyn and Bailey did
Itss JoyBoy
I went to visit this college and I love it and me and joy the bear have the same name
Lovely Monday
9:15 that guy in the back though.
Ashton Kiser
did anybody notice 9:10 the guy looking in the camera lol
Alexis Zumbuehl
Is no one else gonna talk about the guy who intentionally staredd into the camera the whole time 🤣🤣 anyways I wish to meet y'all one day y'all seem so sweet and we live in the same city 😣
Tammy Ayala
I have always wanted to go to Baylor!
John Maggard
Sic’em bears
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You're a 90's Kid If You Remember... Running from BEARS! | College 12 months ago   15:45

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