NBA Apologizing Moments HD NFL "Apologizing" Moments 2 days ago   04:31

The Sixth Man
Nobody likes Blake Griffin and his Linsey Lohan freckle-face.

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The Sixth Man
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From Ph With Love
A short reminder Patrick Mccaw Just 3peted. boyaaah
josh hann gwapitos
The good hearted henny god
NBA players been recruited from soccer players
Bhen07 Melo
Vince Carter is nothing compare to 3peat champion Mc Caw
Byorn Aynrand Estaris
0:57 oow not the butt
Yung JSteez
Damm and this where Klay injury came from
Jhayzone Gaming
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Carlo Paolo Villacora
Pyroman /
1:12 that hadda hurt the tail bone for a couple weeks
BSS Baron Soufiane Saidou
Shit at 0:06 I was watching the game live and thinking “ is Kobe punching him and they’re doing nothing. But then I realised they were joking 😭
KF 2017
0:30 did he smack Mj's head ?lol 😂
yeah VC know how injury is bad when you rising like a star...
allan flores
Big respect to VC . 💪
Lee Hunt
I want to see Carter on them Warriors man
StephenChamp Curry
What happened to patrick mccaw after this injury? Feel bad for him
I'm Listening
Draymond is the bad side of shrek.
For his fans comment here.
Loslos Weww
what about Zaza apologizing to Leonard?
benalyn tolete
Lebron admitting he was wrong. Real leader right there.
FortyTheRapper (DoubleYT)
Regarding the first clip of Kobe and Jordan - Today's refs would have threw Kobe off of him and gave him a 10 game suspension and $100,000 fine for those fake punches
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NFL "Apologizing" Moments NBA Apologizing Moments HD 2 days ago   03:35

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