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A Week Without A Phone | I Bought Myself Everything I Want... - At Up-Tube.com

A WEEK WITHOUT A PHONE i bought myself everything i want... 8 months ago   20:59

instagram ➭ @best.dressed
subscribe for weekly vids ➭ http://bit.ly/bestdressedfam
shop my thrift finds ➭ https://www.bestdressedstore.com/

inspired by:
emma chamberlain’s 24 hours without a phone https://up-tube.com/upvideo/AGAFPzj4N4p)
casey neistat’s goodbye, social media https://up-tube.com/upvideo/6QsC10BrQC0)

books about phone addiction:
irresistible by adam alter (https://amzn.to/2UOtipF)
digital minimalism by cal newport (https://amzn.to/2P5GOzX)

This week, I spent 7 full days without a phone. No mindlessly clicking through stories, no getting stuck for hours on the explore page, no reloading my likes and views and comments every 10 minutes. I had a growing suspicion I had a phone and social media addiction and it was time to quit cold turkey to find out just what life is like without a smartphone.

blue dress: thrifted
gingham dress: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2UuwAyb)

blue dress: sabo skirt (http://bit.ly/2Kuy2gu)
sneakers: reebok (http://bit.ly/2EmJCno)

cardigan: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2ULXzFR)\

t-shirt: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2Kuiauq)
denim jacket: levi’s (http://bit.ly/2T7xPUp)

blue dress: urban outfitters (http://bit.ly/2UVxuEs)

dress: american eagle (old)

denim jumpsuit: madewell (http://bit.ly/2KvsHFz)

earrings: en route (http://bit.ly/2G0h859)
star choker: en route (http://bit.ly/2sGyfS2)
long necklace: mejuri

music ➭ epidemic sound (http://bit.ly/2VW00n4)
lippity bop by dan & drum (smarturl.it/dananddrum, instagram.com/dananddrum)

what’s your name? ashley
what’s your instagram? @best.dressed
how old are you? 20 (born in 1998)
how tall are you? 5'5"
what’s your ethnicity? half british and half burmese
what equipment do you use to film?
➭ camera: https://amzn.to/2Nb0W1z
➭ lens: https://amzn.to/2JiSrz7
➭ vlog camera: http://amzn.to/2DfL4cZ
➭ on camera mic: https://amzn.to/2QHfZBU
➭ editing: final cut pro

FTC: Not sponsored. Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small percentage of sales made via those links, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra!

Comments 2312 Comments

I feel like youtube is trying to tell me something by recommending this to me constantly😶🤷🏻‍♀️
Yuna Kim
Ashley exposed her last name showing her laptop oops
You were reflecting!! you are a Child of God. Jesus Christ came down from heaven- pursue him. He will love you better than you can love yourself. With the true love that I know He wants you to have ! xx Be encouraged, and . I think some of the best takeaways that you can gain from this - is that you 1) DOn't need your phone.
2) I honestly see your life becoming so much more vibrant and social
There are truly studies shown about how getting rid of your phone initially produces anxiety espcially around social interactions. But I personally HAte hate HATE it when someone takes out their phone when I'm talking to them. I just find it so rude. but it's also rude to call it out - and when I've talked about it - people have made me out to be like narcissistic or some shit. And at the time, yeah, I felt so upset. .. I think one of the best things - about getting rid of your phone is also not sinning - and also - having more time for others - and potentially becoming more social, and feeling so much better about yourself! But the thing with not having a phone or computer though, right, is this: decreased radiation - decreased risk of brain tumour, I think. So the truth is that loneliness is a real thing - but when you're joyful in the lord, the feelings of loneliness get better.
Hillary Clinton
Trust me I'm on my phone 24hrs a day the 7 days of the week the 365 days of my life, 🤦
LeShaun Jenkins
cell phones are no different than Crack Cocaine Withdrawal !
tyga lili
so basically the phone is not the enemy, social media is.
Nova N
About a year back, I went without a phone for a month. (Not on purpose, I just broke my phone and didn’t get a new one for a while.) Definitely relate to that comment you made about attaching yourself to your computer the same way you were attached to your phone. I absolutely did the same thing. And as soon as I got a new phone, I was back to using it all the time 😅
New change unlisted_viewer
My phone literally was keeping me from watching the video. I've used it 5 and a half hours today
Alice Roscoe
you should make a recipes video
Hazel Nutts
If I did this my mom would think I died and call the police
Naomi Cheung
You should’ve opened on 4/20
Grandpa Ashley is the best grandpa ✨💖✨
Jessica Vera Cruz
Ok ik I'm late but the opening scenes r so good and remind me of 500 days of summer amazing👌👌💖
Haruka F. N.
I think Ashley needs some more hobbies, I actually want to do like 103920 things that I find interesting but I keep using my phone to procrastinate on my duties so I'm never able to start any of those interests of mine.
Grunge Bitch
Lmao I could never do that to my streaks!
Zenon Kiba
Does anyone know Day Two Background Music Title?
Hayley Rachel
the music at 12:08 !!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Hayley Rachel
thinky thoughts !!!!
Allison Hulsey
My average on my phone is 10 hours and 32 minutes... *help*
ece aytaç
4:01 i thought she said ‘kinky’ thoughts and the thing is that i was like ‘yeah that’s ashley’ lol
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i bought myself everything i want... A WEEK WITHOUT A PHONE 8 months ago   08:34

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