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How Measles Vaccines Protect You From | What Really Killed The Dinosaurs? - At Up-Tube.com

How Measles Vaccines Protect You From What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? 3 months ago   05:24

Since measles vaccines started making their rounds, child mortality has dropped by up to 90% percent in some countries. That’s more than you’d expect if the measles vaccine just prevented deaths from measles. Can science explain this increased survival rate?

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Hosted by: Stefan Chin

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Comments 920 Comments

Go to http://Brilliant.org/SciShow to try out Brilliant’s Daily Challenges. The first 200 subscribers get 20% off an annual Premium subscription.
Victoria Reid
While antivaxers scream and cry about vaccines causing autism, scientists are forced to waste their time proving vaccines don't cause autism rather than finding out what actually does. I'm glad the scientist who sparked this movement got his medical license revoked.
Georgi Georgiev
Vaccines protect from autism.
My favorite thing to do is to take conspeoracy theories at face value, double their predictions, pretend we live in a world where whatever they say is 200% true, or even truer, and then explain why I'd STILL get my children vaccinated.
I'd still feed them food despite the risk of choking, too. Just sayin'!
What he says in the video makes the title of it completely wrong. That vaccine COULD help. But scientists just don't really know.
No one should vaccinate their kids!
Let a doctor do it
Jeremy Cornwell
You damaged the DNA strand, now nothing can implicate.
Ashley W
1:10 my body is ready ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
akashi luddi
Egg allergy is the second most common food allergy, a lot of vaccines(viral) should be made without eggs, so more people can get vaccinated and increase herd immunity
Levi Howell
I challenge your assertion. Forgetting can be fun, just watch Mortys mind blowers
Jason Voorhees
Don't heed to trolls. Keep on spreading the dangers and how bogus vaccines are.

There is those who needs to know the truth, than trolls and liars.
Amanda LeBlanc
I had a sudden thought and question near the end of this episode... Background: I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (hypothyroidism), which an autoimmune condition, meaning my thyroid is under-performing because my immune system thinks my thyroid cells are foreign invaders... which means that my immune system has used the mechanisms described in this episode--trained immunity and the creation of thyroid-specific memory cells--to attack part of my own body. So... has there been any research into modifying the Measles virus to target specific lymphocytes responsible for autoimmune responses? Maybe something like that could help with more severe and life-threatening autoimmune disorders (if it could be safely produced and controlled, of course).
Lozzar Owari
please dont listen to this big pharma propaganda vaccines are devil juice fortunately there are third world countries that specialize in disposing this devil juice send it to them in their devotion to their calling they are more than willing to do it for free but for a fee they would prioritize the safe, organic, and GLUTEN FREE method of disposing of your country's devil juice
Shallow video over-simplifying and dumbing down the problem.

Measles vaccine is attenuated -- it contains weakened but live virus grown
in animal cells hence vaccine is contaminated with animal viruses. Live
virus can mutate and become virulent so vaccination can't prevent spread of
measles because vaccinated person can become contagious.

Measles is dangerous only to malnourished and vitamin A deficient therefore
it was never a threat in the developed world.

Mass measles vaccination destroyed passive immunity -- the only reliable
protection for infants. Because of this we have infants mortality never seen
in the developed world prior to vaccination. Vaccination made pregnant,
adults and infants vulnerable to measles complications that are extremely
rare in the childhood.

Herd immunity is not good enough to compensate for loss of passive
immunity and vaccine is far from being 100% effective.
Few years of vaccine immunity versus life-long of natural immunity is not
worth risks of vaccination.


Finally a note to those arrogant commenters who like to bash anti-vaxers
for stupidity: a typical anti-vaxer either knows more than you or
experienced a tragedy due to vaccine injury in the family.

Scientific debate is not settled. Vaccines do have problems with safety,
indemnity for makers, lack of support/compensation for injured, bogus
industry sponsored studies, corruption of policy makers, etc.

Shame to SciShow for publishing such a biased video. This problem have much
more depth that what shown in the video...
Cyrus Khalvati

Ted Phillips
As a person born in 1950, I still have the scar form my smallpox vaccination. Regardless, I had chicken pox (inverted) in 1954 (almost died), Measles around age ten, and mumps around age 16. From those times, I am glad I received the Sabin oral polio vaccine when it came out as there are still people living in "iron lungs" of that day. Then there was the tetanus vaccine. As we don't fully understand the immune system, I have come to believe it is better to immunize for one disease at a time. What I would have question about is whether immunizing for too many things at once has negative consequences down the road ? How about a video on that ? What about whole body blood replacement ?
lyrehc the bran man
Regarding the idea that clinics only use certain chemicals to intentionally intoxicate patients to turn a profit: Take the standard Canadian MMR vaccine here, where healthcare is offered by the government for free. It's components are almost exactly the same as the standard American one. If they were truly made just to grab some green, why would a country where clinics are driven by money use the exact same vaccine as one where clinics don't make a single penny?
i got vaccinated for measles lmao good luck anivaxxers 🗿
Sherrie Buck
So if you are protected by these vaccines, stay off others butts who do not want them. If protected as said, then should I choose to risk you will be fine. Either they protect or they don't tired of circular thoughts. Just stating in general not at this video for the most part.
My mom had measles twice as a kid, it's why she vaccinated me!
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What Really Killed the Dinosaurs? How Measles Vaccines Protect You From 3 months ago   10:45

What wiped out the dinosaurs? Most of us were taught it was a killer asteroid—which is true. But it turns out there was more than one disaster movie playing at the cineplex that was Earth 66 million years ago.

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Hosted by: Hank Green
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