Donald Trump causes protests Obdachlose in der Kälte - Bei minus 14 Grad 5 months ago   05:21

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U.S. President Trump owns several golf courses and hotels in Scotland. Local residents have been protesting against plans for new hotels, saying Trump doesn't deliver what he promises and that the plans would spoil the countryside.

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John Brown
Ann Faulds, Trumps lawyer, is the exact reason that Scotland fell in to the hands of invaders a long time ago and is still the reason we are not free and rebuilding our own future and culture...
Traitors within.
Traitors aligning themselves with those who promise wealth and property for their allegiance and helping them take our land and resources.
Traitors are Scotlands most horrible scourge.
Resist Resist ... He doesn't pay his lawyers. He lies.
Julian Hernandez
Scotland is a bitchy people
Building on or near the dunes didn't receive approval from the local council, it was rejected but government overturned it. I like after ruining the dunes that they will likely still give him approval for further building, once again claiming environmental and of course financial positives. Blocking people's view with a meter high of earth is incredibly childish. Obviously it's to try and pressurise all of the locals to move away. It would seem anything the organisation touches or plans to do will not be questioned as long as he has status ie presidency, whether he claims to have current control of it or not.
Van Rozay
cut down those trees
Clara DeLaMer
no no + no. so many councils are prostitutes - all over the uk - which is why trump uses them!
Michael Bond
As usual, Trump and his companies fail in their promises! Solution. Confiscate his property. Throw him out and sue him out of Scotland!
don simpson
Leave it to lying trump. Trump ruins everything he touches
Baby he causes protest everywhere because he tells it like it is... a champion pugilist and that's what the American people love, a real fighter.
zorada Nine
Donald Trump has a Scottish coat of Arms hmmmmm....... and also another one with the freemason double- headed phoenix.
trump didn't deliver on any of his promises, instead he built a wall of trees :-)
he could do that at the mexican border : build a wall of trees, that would also be green, climate friendly, etc.
Frederic Karlo
Communist have a strong foothold in Scotland, hopefully it’s native sons learn from the mistakes in tolerance their neighbors have committed.
Talloolah Moon
Trump is evil
Abdulhalim Mohamed
TRUMP go on and make a huge concrete wall around that golf course there.
Al Demir
Sure they will find the way. Just like some one said, government is always the problem not the people that who just wants to have reasonable life with health. So re will help the economy but they should do it for what people wants not the investors
Even across the ocean Trump manages to spoil people's lives. What contractors will work for him? HE DOES NOT PAY HIS BILLS! I hope no contractor is dumb enough to sign a contract with Trump.
Nia Pgn
She doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about?! Shouldn’t be practicing law them. Nothing Trump is associated with works. Run.
If I lived there and he blocked out my view I would destroy his golf course.
As an American, my friends and I are revolted by him. He can't open his mouth without lying
Baron von Limbourgh
didn't see that comming......
Oh wait. Everyone knew this would be a disaster.
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Obdachlose in der Kälte - Bei minus 14 Grad Donald Trump causes protests 5 months ago   03:39

Seit Wochen hat der Winter Bayern fest im Griff. Nachts herrschen Temperaturen von bis zum minus 20 Grad. Trotzdem gibt es viele Obdachlose, die die Nacht im Freien verbringen. Einer von ihnen ist Bernhard. Reporterin Maren Hellwege-Beck hat er erzählt, wie er das aushält.