Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. Dwayne Johnson Wants to Marry 4 months ago   06:32

Tennis star Naomi Osaka revealed her celebrity crush is Michael B. Jordan, so Ellen tried to play matchmaker for the two. Plus, the 20-year-old opened up about her recent U.S. Open win and the controversy over her opponent Serena Williams.


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I want ellen to help me hook up with naomi scott. Thank you.
Kavya Shanker
Ellen out here playing wingwoman 😂
Chloe Young
I love how 99% of the comments are not about Michael B. Jordan and just about her and her achievements
Manu Chek
We wanna know what mbj responded
Rana nana
this inteview made me a fan for her
Lee Pink
She’s so sweet ❤️
Mira Salim
she is nothing like serena,she is humble,she is soft spoken,nothing like serena
Absolutely stunning.
Naomi is such a sweet woman. Thank you Ellen for praising her.. She deserves it!
Twin Research 23
Shes anmazing:)))
I have trouble to understand her smile, its japanese! Who translates this to me?
o h
omg, she's so precious
She and michael would make a goood couple though! Both super humble and adorable
capitano moe
TCL !! Really
Steven Taylor
Naomi is so funny 😂😂😂😂
Abass Flis Gareth
Ellen is awesome
Love u ma'am
Jay Jones
Ellen’s watch tho 🤦🏾‍♂️💰
ታክሲ ፋይል
what if Naomi said, I would have to like to buy Ferrari (latest) instead of Big TV; do you think Allen would have said, I have that Ferrari for you in the back of the room.
Jonathan Mejia
She needs to open her mouth when she speaks.
Her mannerism is so japanese
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Dwayne Johnson Wants to Marry Ellen Plays Matchmaker for U.S. 4 months ago   05:35

Dwayne Johnson admitted to Ellen that he got a major crush on Frances McDormand after she was very kind to his daughter at the Golden Globes.