Film Theory: Controlling Robots Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! 4 months ago   13:32

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Big Hero 6 didn't just give us the hope for a cuddle nurse robot like Baymax, it gave us the FUTURE of modern technology. I am talking nanobots! Tiny little pieces of tech to fulfill our every need that we can operate with our BRAIN! How do I know this will work? Let me show you!

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Alexander Kim
Quite the opposite. Fortnite stole that Big Hero Six mask.
Eaden Chang
2019 Anyone? Just me? Ok. :(
sans the skeleton
Sub to pewdiepie!!!
Johnny Brown
As you said in the Transformers theory, there aren’t any better batteries in the future. I wonder what we can do to improve that problem?
JW Patrolman ACU
Yes they can do it
Bruh Sound Effect #2
Wait does hiro control them all at the same time, individually or just imagines it?
Coda's tv
i couldn't wait that long so i came back a year later.
Sorry to be the hater but big hero six ( as you said ) came out in 2004 ( or somewhere around that ) and fortnite battle royals came out in 2017
Christopher Kirk
He forgot about how strong the robots would have to be. Also how much weight it would have to support
Can we get a Update on this theory?
Ma. Luisa Santos
Cool !!!
Dorte Sørensen
I Think so
ABCats !
if this can happen, so can SAO. oh wait. there was already a theory on that lol.
Fnaf Gamer
It 2019
Fnaf Gamer
Maybe yes
salar khademi
make a vid about iron man
Antonina Nisperos
There are also alot of game references
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Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! Film Theory: Controlling Robots 4 months ago   14:43

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