Film Theory: Controlling Robots Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! 6 months ago   13:32

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Big Hero 6 didn't just give us the hope for a cuddle nurse robot like Baymax, it gave us the FUTURE of modern technology. I am talking nanobots! Tiny little pieces of tech to fulfill our every need that we can operate with our BRAIN! How do I know this will work? Let me show you!

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Elsa's TRUE Fight For The Throne! ►►
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Manuel Perez
Joseph Buck
But what about thier battery life?
Salty Gamer
hey matpat.
i got the answer for your battery issue,
hiro's bots basically use the graphite batteries to run like that,
the strength is caused by the durability of reformed plastic.
Dutch Gamers
Anyone 2150?
I don't Know.
My brain hurts...
Oliver Rufa
Elise Khoo
Matpat, the real question is.. DO ROBOTS HAVE DICKS?!
Andrew Walker
Boomy & Loki
Sean -TheGamer
My bet is yes. If I still live when that time comes about I will re watch this video.
Isis Rivenbark
(3:04)The school I went to 4th-8th grade had the literature fair (just a giant book report), the science and engineering fair (science fair, w/o having to do a hypothesis or what ever), and world culture fair (each class does a different country & does essays about it addressing clothes, food, architecture, local animals, etc.) all of which requiring a visual component (literature fair is the book, science/engineering fair is something relating to the project other than just pictures, and culture fair was the same visual component as science/engineering fair) & a tri-fold board. You're welcome.
Michelle Brown
TaRealHusky Ark Mobile
What the app called
Sarah Robbins
:1955, I bet we will have flying cars in the future!
:2019, PiZzA FoRk
Emmet Anderson
bet- yeah
heh 2014. the year MatPats life was ruined.
4:08 "Only time will tell . . . . "
Garrard Fabre
Diego Analco
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Game Theory: The END of Princess Peach! Film Theory: Controlling Robots 6 months ago   14:43

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