Will these small engine NEW Micro Jet Engine 30 lb thrust Very 9 months ago   07:15

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The smallest engine in the world.
COX .010 Engine Assembly & Working Video.

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NEW Micro Jet Engine 30 lb thrust Very Will these small engine 9 months ago   06:28

↘Share of Kaso-Li in action. The 12kg Jet engine shown & Install kit, here http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/rvfmAI2 , Nice kits at https://ebay.to/2J9yIlK RC fun To Fly-kits or a 6kg ACE60 Swiwin SW6 Turbine Engine found at https://ebay.to/2vv89Wm JET-kit the W6, The SW6 Jet Engine will run non stop for years on any 0.25 micron filtered Diesel, JT8, and Kerosene.. The first engine ( in video) will increase to over 30 lbs thrust after some use. Tolerances are in the 1/100,000 It is way under $2000 unless your country is tax happy.
This has been my secret hobby since 2006. Using a high output Jet engine to make electricity in a turbine to turbine drive at less than the fuel cost of any gas engine generator, And is capable of thousands of KWH.
Direct to the makers shop its from ➳ http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/NvrnMZJ as well as 1000's of top quality RC parts here http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/NRrbmau
This is a open SHARE video with sharing for your use to see the new jet engine. If you like, then check out more details on it..

Swiwin SW6 ( ACE60 ) 6kg Turbine Engine
with ECU for RC Jet Plane
Full Complete Version, Ultra Fast Responds.
100% Brand New. Full Install kit

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